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Make Controller Kit News

mck 150wThis is a news update for the Make Controller kit. The kits have been shipping for awhile now and projects are starting to show up on the net. The Make Controller Kit resource pages have been updated and there is a getting started article that will get you going with software development using the free GNU ARM development tools. More after the jump.

Make Controller Kit Resources
Information located on this site
Main resource page
Getting started programming
Make Magazine kit forum
Original Make blog post

Make Controller Kit Projects
Obi-Wan the Cursor
Reusing a floppy stepper motor
Draw Bot articles – 1 2 3 4 5

The Draw bot project is drawing a lot of attention as you can see from the five links to the same project.

I have some fun projects in mind but have not had the time to get started yet. The ARM Cortex M3 contest has caught my attention for awhile.

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