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New Power Supply

SSII InsidePS small[2]I recently stopped using the PC power supply for the electronics projects. No I did not have a fire or anything of the sort. I built a new PC and wanted to keep the covers on it. I switched to the power supply I scrounged from the Super Stack II, described here.

The power supply was removed from the case without the noisy fans. There was a connector extending from the back which I removed. The main power connecter I left in place. Each of the connections was labeled so finding the right place to connect power leads was easy. The supply has been operating perfectly for some time now.

There are two labeled connections routed to the main connector who’s function I don’t know. One was labeled “STAT” and the other “PST” Anyone have an idea?

The supply was made by ASTEC and is labeled as a Custom Power model. I could find no description of the STAT or PST signals looking though data sheets for their other models. I bet STAT is used to signal when the supply is stable and can be used in a CPU reset circuit.

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  1. Paul says

    Nice, sounds good 😀