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I have been watching JustDIY for awhile and noticed he links to EEBeat. Both of these blogs have great content of interest to the electronic hobbyist. JustDIY has projects ranging from special battery charges to embedded Linux. EEBeat seems to keep pace with the product announcement in the electronic engineering industry. If you interested in electronics I recommend that you add these blogs to your aggregator. Of course, you should subscribe to mine as well. :>

I am building a list of electronics hobbyist blogs, any sugestions?

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  1. nolebotic says

    I like your site! I have a new site that details my robots and RC airplanes. Its new, so not too many posts yet- but I’m putting up new stuff all the time. Please check it out- if you like it, please consider trading links.


  2. dfowler says

    Good to see you hear Gordon, I really like you site. Contact details sent by email.

    You might consider requesting the free graphics LCD I give for links back here. Details at

  3. justDIY says

    Hi Dave, thanks for the link, I’ve reciprocated in kind 🙂

    As 1 am draws near, my eyes are burning, and I look forward to giving your site a read tomorrow!

    PS: You requested schematics and/or pcb layouts in your comment on my latest switchmode post. Shoot me your e-mail address and I’ll send you a zip file. I use cadsoft eagle for all my work. My email is gordonthree at gmail.

  4. dfowler says

    Great site slaxter! I really like your site theme. I wish I could do such a good job.

    I subscribed to the RSS feed and included Geek Inside to my blogroll

  5. s1axter says

    Sure!! while dormant for a while Geeksinside provides links to projects from the corners of the web only surfed by robots. Love the site, keep it up