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Free Graphic LCD

Update (04/20/07): The original LCD modules are gone but we have new parts to give away! Read this post for more information.

GLCDTopInclude a link to uC Hobby on your site or blog and I will send you a graphic LCD module. Your site must have content similar to uC Hobby or be relevant to the same topics of interest and I reserve the right to decide who receives a module. There is a limited number of LCD modules and I will give them away on a first come first serve basis. If you are unsure and want a confirmation before you do the link, just request a review. If your site is OK, I will reserve you a module for one week. The idea here is to get some inbound links to my site and to find other hobbyist who may have a use for the modules. The offer is retroactive in case you have already linked to uC Hobby. I don’t sell these modules and I am not collecting email or home addresses so don’t worry about that. I will update this post when they are all gone.

I will pay the shipping cost for normal mail in the US only. Sorry about the US restriction but I don’t want to deal with overseas shipping. I don’t warrantee these units and I can not accept any liability for any reason. The modules are unused and work as far as I know, I have not tested them. Send an email with a link to the site and the shipping address to requesting the LCD module.

I have about 20 modules that are graphic 320×240 B/W with EL backlight. They do not have a built in controller so each scan line has to be output from your microcontroller or you can get an LCD controller. You should be able to make a nice graphics display using a fast ARM7 with at least 10K of RAM. Let me know about your project, I will reserve a second model and send it to you when you post about the project.


They have a 14 pin flex cable and a pad set for a 14 pin connector with the same connections. You will probably want to remove the flex cable and use the 0.1″ connector on the side. The display is small and thin as you can see in the pictures with the standard US quarter. Get the datasheet here.

This is not the graphic LCD seen in my prior post. I am playing with a different low cost graphic LCD that does include a controller. I will post some details on this project soon.

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30 Responses

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  1. hiutopor says


    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  2. dfowler says


    The LCD displays are gone. We are giving away Ardino kits and LED kits now. Read the links below for details.

    Note the TI dev sticks are gone too.

  3. Kobilica says

    Hello.This may be old,but you still give away?
    Wanna try with LCDStudio.Thanks :D.

  4. dfowler says


    I believe your math is correct. I found that -10 gave a good display contrast so you may need to have some adjustment range.

  5. Craig says

    Hello, just received this module. Thanks!

    Just a couple questions on power supply for people who have got it working. Are these the right values?


    From specs Vdd-Vo = 22.2V typical, so that means :
    Vo = -(22.2V-5V) = -17.2V
    Vdd-Vee = 26V (max)
    so Vee(max) = -(26V-5V) = -21V

    So I was going to use Vee at approx -19V and connect a trim pot between Vee,Vo,Vss and control Vo to approx -17.2V

  6. nuxie1 says

    Thanks for the LCD, nobody seems to have gotten one working yet though! I’ll try to get some display happening using an Altera FPGA and possibly an 18F4550 PIC.

  7. Dapallox1 says

    I’ve been wanting a display like this for quite some time now, just haven’t had the money. If I get one, I plan on putting it in the top of my xbox case on a mechanical push switch to pop it up and display information from the UnleashX dashboard.

  8. Bernard says

    This display shure looks useful especialy at that resolution. But probobly a PIC18F will have a slow refresh rate, but theres still dsPIC

  9. dfowler says

    Update (04/20/07): The original LCD modules are gone but we have new parts to give away! Read this post for more information.

  10. dfowler says

    Xavier.. Yes this works fine. Send me your address to receive an LCD.

    I am very close to completely out of LCD modules to give away so act quickly if you want one. I doubt there will be any more by the end of this week.

    I will be offering a new product. Not sure what it will be yet. Any sugestions?

  11. dfowler says

    If you dont have a web site you can submit a post which fits with the uC Hobby site and receive the LCD. Read this post for more information.

  12. Xavier Belanche says

    Hi! Please, visit and see the link’s uC_Hobby on my blog 🙂


  13. Sumi says

    I do not have any website.But i am doing one project related USB communication between PC and uC.Your LCD module will be beneficial.After i can use it in my project ,i can send u the whole system picture.

  14. vnrobot says

    … and i want this module. I’ve just email you my requesting. Thanks !

  15. vnrobot says

    Hi , please visit ! You’ll see the link’s uC_Hobby on my blog.
    Best regard.

  16. yon says

    has anyone had some suces hooking it up to something??

  17. Johannes says

    I got the LCD today, and I cant wait to make a project with it. Thank you for posting it all the way to little Denmark



  18. Carlos says

    I got the LCD this morning. It looks great! I’m looking forward to spend some time figuring it out and putting it to good (or bad) use.

    Thanks for this great LCD, I’ll let you know as soon as I have something worked out with this little device.

    Best regards,


  19. rat says


  20. Matt Baker says

    Just received my display and it look great. Thanks for posting it over to the UK.
    Now I just have to get it working. :o)


    Matt Baker

  21. dfowler says


    Send me an email at ( with your web site link or project idea and your mailing address.

  22. gireeshan says

    pls send a lcd

    call me 9947739559

    from kerala

  23. alex mccown says

    I GOT THE LCD i got the lcd and WOW i have never seen a beater one and im making an open souse pic based lcd that you can use to control with a pc or a pic connected to flash or evan just a pic

  24. Mike says

    Got the LCD today.. I have a few projects in mind for it.. once I figure out how too use it 🙂 I will let you know how it goes.
    Will post pictures and articles on my website when I get some free time..

    Thanks much!

  25. dfowler says

    Yes, Auger the LCD giveaway is still ongoing.

  26. Auger Duval says

    I’ll Link you up, still doing the LCD Display giveaway?

  27. Alan says

    Good evening,

    Nice LCD Display, I got mine yesterday! Very thin and well built. A great addition to any electronic hobbyists bag of tricks. 🙂

    Thanks again.

  28. coastermike says

    I received the LCD yesterday (January 5th). I will post some pictures of the LCD on my website soon and some pictures of the project after I figure out how to program it.

  29. s1axter says

    Hey guys,

    Received the LCD last Friday and it looks great! I can’t wait to get this on the bench and hack up something cool. I promise will have the project and a write up as soon as I get some ideas and time. Will also keep updated!