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LCD Giveaway Update 2

Update (04/20/07): The original LCD modules are gone but we have new parts to give away! Read this post for more information.

The giveaway is going strong. I am down to just a few displays left so if your interested you better hurry. So many great websites have participated in this giveaway. There should be some great projects done by these hobbyist soon. I should have a links page with all the sites up soon. Thanks to all you who have participated in this experiment.

Although my original post limited the shipments to the US, I have been sending them international depending on the cost. There has only been one place that I could not send to as the cost was near $60 for shipping.

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  1. dfowler says

    Update (04/20/07): The original LCD modules are gone but we have new parts to give away! Read this post for more information.

  2. dfowler says

    Webcrawler how about writing up an article about a recent project or other posible ideas. Read this post for an alternate way to get the free LCD.

  3. Webcrawler42 says

    dfowler: I would still like to try, our teacher is an EECS major and we have some funds and about 2 months with virtually no projects lined up.

  4. Anton Zalutsky says

    hey! I’ve been looking for an LCD to start doing various types of learning with them. I am planning on making my Dorm Room autonomous seeing that I am going to do a double major in Robotics and Applied Math.

    College is expensive though, so this would be a great start to a really fun project. Don’t worry- I will share with my roommate(kind of!)

    Think you can help me out???

  5. dfowler says

    PriyayiSae: I would be happy to send you a LCD if you can make a link back to my site from yours but I’m not sure the display would be of much use to you. Read below.

    Webcrawler42: I would be happy to give your class a LCD for your class projects. The LCD I am giving away may not be good for your class however. Read below.

    The display we are giving away is difficult to interface with. It would not be possible to make it do much with a PC parallel interface. You would need a very fast uC like an ARM 7 with more then 10K of RAM.

  6. PriyayiSae says

    Hello. I was build an many interfacing LCD via paralel port + infrared support. But I just build with a 16×2 LCD screen because I don’t have enough money to buy the bigger LCD both character or graphical LCD. I hope you will give me an LCD. Thanks a lot.

    you can find my example gallery LCD with LCDproc.

  7. Webcrawler42 says

    I am in Advanced Electronics, a High School class of 3 and we do misc. projects like intefacing a robotic arm via a Printer Port and Visual Basic. I was wondering if you could give us an LCD to play with.

  8. dfowler says

    Yes there are a few displays left but I do not think they are what your looking for. These display units requre a very fast interface as each pixel must be output at the full refresh rate.

    I accidently deleted your comment with a web site link meant for Greg. I hope you can repost it.

  9. Greg Carroll says

    Hi, am I to late or just fasionally late to get one of the LCD’s you’re giving away? I’ve been wanting to build this printer cable LCD, link; I’ve got the programming software downloaded I’ve just been waiting to run across an LCD. Hope you can help me out and thank you.

  10. C. Flowers says

    Received the LCD today…looks great. Just need to figure out how to use it. πŸ™‚
    Love to hear from others on their projects.
    C. Flowers

  11. yon says

    has anyone had some succes yet with hooking it up to something??

  12. Steven Moughan says

    I got my LCD the other day and its looking cool, Im gonna see if I can interface it to an FTDI interface or something and have a USB LCD :p

  13. yon says

    I got the LCD today and it looks great!
    I can’t wait to hook it up to something.

  14. dfowler says


    There are a few left. Read the orignal post for detial on how to get the display.

  15. Hakan says

    Great! I am experimenting with Atmelcontrollers and an LCD is still missing. Any left yet?

  16. dfowler says


    Is Elektronica Stynus your site? Can you put a link to uC Hobby there?

    Normally I planned to give the LCD to electronic site owners or bloggers. I can make an exception in your case because that may have not been clear enough in the orignal offer. This comment should serve to clairfy for future readers.

    One thing to consider is wether or not this LCD will be of use to you? It does not have a simple controller interface. You have to feed it data very fast, at the scan rate. You would need to build a display controller. A 50 MHz ARM7 with at least 10K of RAM available for display memory should do the trick.

  17. Matt says

    gimme gimme gimme! I’ve got the perfect project just waiting for LCD interface!

  18. 8_BALL says

    I’m working on a computer cooling that iI would like to put lcd into.just don’t have much of a budget, any left?

  19. yon says

    ok i’m ready, do you still have lcd’s??

  20. tomhouse says

    is there still one display left?
    i will be happy if i get one!

  21. dfowler says


    I checked the cost and if I am reading it correctly it would cost between 4 and $10 to ship it to Belgium. I will pay this so assuming there are no surprises at the post office and you get your information to me in time. I have a limited supply of modules and have been flooded with request so don’t take too long.

  22. tidiman07 says

    hey, where my lcd at? i want one too!

  23. Johannes says

    If you have any left, i would really like one, because i have a lot of projects that could use a lcd display!

  24. yon says

    I would relly like one, but i live in belgium, how much would the shipping costs be??

  25. nLamer says

    if you have anyone left, I’d gladly take on off your hands

  26. Cliff S says

    I would like one too! Have you any left?

  27. Jenn Elliott says

    not sure how this works but an lcd would be great for me! a “friend” stole my matrix orbital πŸ™

  28. lonewolf says

    hey if there is any left, i think i have a project or two worth implementing the lcd into. i’d post pics as soon as its acomplished

  29. Bill Briand says

    Still have any more left to giveaway? If so I’d like to discover what I could do with one.


  30. charles henry says

    Cool experiment! Hope I get one!

  31. Alan says

    Wow, $60 for shipping!! That country is not looking for imports…