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Hobby parts for articles

Update (04/20/07): The original LCD modules are gone but we have new parts to give away! Read this post for more information.

Submit an article to get valuable electronics components in trade for publication on this site. The free graphics LCD offer has been great fun and I still receive request for the LCD. Unfortunately many of those requesting the LCD do not have a web site. The solution is for uC Hobby to host their project articles.

Read the full offer after the jump. I look forward to your comments on this idea. If you did not qualify for the graphics LCD giveaway now is your chance!

The Offer:
To receive a graphics LCD you can either link to uC Hobby on your own website/blog or create an article, like the ones you see on this site and submit it for publishing on uC Hobby. The graphics LCD modules are almost gone but I will be extending the offers with other valuable electronic components.

The intention is to help the hobbyist community by providing a place for hobbyist without web sites to publish their projects. I also hope it helps hobbyist that can not afford or have limited access to electronics parts.

Your article:
Describe why you chose to do this project, the construction methods, the parts selected, and how it works. Include some good quality digital pictures that show your progress. If you’re interested you can send me some early text and pictures to see if the article is something that fits uC Hobby. I will edit and approve the articles of course but all credit would be given to the original author.

The articles should not be a major production. You should may be able to create a good submission without much effort. Here is a list of some article ideas to consider.

  • Scrounging electronics parts [Examples]
  • Hacking something to change its use [Examples]
  • Taking something apart to understand it [Examples]
  • Fun Projects [Examples]
  • Information about a cool new part [Examples]
  • Information about a uC related contest [Examples]
  • Other ideas?

Short descriptions of projects that are hosted on other sites would not be accepted. Your article does not need to be exclusive to uC Hobby and can include links to other sites but should not be just a rehash of content documented elsewhere. Articles designed to drive traffic to other sites would not be accepted and they must be your own content.

You can have a link back to your own web site, even if that site contains a copy of the article. You do

How to submit:
Zip up your article files for submission then send them to Please included “uC Article Submission” in the subject line. I will review the content and may suggest changes you need to make before I can publish. The article should be a plain text file with notes where links are needed and where graphics are inserted. I will have to control the size and placement graphics. The article, once accepted will be posted as a blog post with credit given to the original author.

You can included some information about yourself, pictures, web site links, and other related information as well. If I get significant author bios I can create a page for this type of information as well.

To suggest graphics placement use a notation like “[xyz.jpg here]”. For links use something link “linkname[url]” If you know HTML or have an editor that produces clean HTML output you could provide the article that way. But this may be harder for me to work with.

Legal stuff:
I may adjust the rules and the submission methods as things develop. I reserve the right to refuse any article submission. You must be the copyright owner of all the text and graphics provide or you must have permission from the owner. Please include all the other legal mumbo jumbo you know really belongs on an offer like this.

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6 Responses

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  1. dfowler says


    I beleive the outputs of common wall warts are gound isolated. If so, you could connect them in serries. Take two 14V units and wire them in serries to get 28. I could be way wrong on this.

  2. Dave says

    I am trying to find a 28vdc 400mA wall wart to charge a 24v battery pack. Can not find one. May have to make one. Any suggestions on how to find one or make one?

  3. Jesito says

    I’ve just received the lot of LEDs, thanks!.
    There are some orphan microcontrollers on my bench waiting to feed brigth LEDs… Now is the time for big projects.
    Best regards,

  4. dfowler says

    Update (04/20/07): The original LCD modules are gone but we have new parts to give away! Read this post for more information.

  5. Brent says

    ^^ I completely agree with you BrandonU, this is a great idea and I cannot wait to see what some of the visitors of this website have to talk about! I will also be sharing an article pretty soon here I hope! if I can think of a good topic!

  6. BrandonU says

    I think this a great idea. Not only are you giving a “voice” to some hobbyist who may not have other options, more articles will only improve this site. (And getting electronic components in trade for it isn’t a bad thing, either!) I just stumbled across this site, and have already learned some new things. I am looking forward to seeing what others have to share! I’ll be sharing my own article with you shortly 🙂