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Free Electronics Hobby Software

colageI have run across several free pieces of software over the years that I find very useful when working with electronics. Here is a list of a few of them.

This is the second article submitted by BrandonU as part of the “Hobby parts for articles” program. Write something of interest to electronic hobbyist and receive parts for your next project.

Electronics Assistant


This is a great program with a lot of useful tools. It has resistor color codes and capacitor codes, series/parallel calculators, LED series resistor calculator, OHM’s law calculator, power calculator, potential divider calculator, and a Wheatstone bridge calculator. It runs under Windows. [Updated screenshot for version 4.0]



This program has all sorts of calculators in it, including OHM’s law, 3 Phase, Color codes, LEDs, Power supplies, PCB calculations, and many others. It also has some related to weather, geometry, photography and sound. It runs under windows.



This handy program will help you design your air-wound coils. It runs under windows

Schematic Symbol Reference


Ever run across a schematic symbol you didn’t recognize? This program gives you a picture and description of a lot of common components. It runs under windows

555 Timer Pro


Lots of info and design calculators for the extremely useful 555 timer in this program. Also includes some general electronic info. It is not freeware, but the free trial mode includes a lot of functionality! Runs under windows.

There are also a lot of online calculators free to use on the web. A good selection to start with can be found at

As long as I am throwing out links, a couple of my favorite places for schematics and design ideas are at the following:

And a few places for datasheets:

Feel free to share your favorite software or links in the comments.

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7 Responses

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  1. dfowler says


    Sure I would be glad too. If you dont mind, can you send me a screen shot which would work here?

  2. Simon Carter says


    You have a link on your website to my Electronics Assistant software, which is greatly appreciated. Version 4.0 is now available and can be downloaded from Whilst the links are still correct it would be appreciated if you would update the version number & screenshot on your site.

    Many thanks again for the link.

    Simon Carter
    webmaster, Electronics 2000

  3. Sudhir says


  4. brandonu says

    I received my Texas Instruments eZ430 development USB stick. Thank you!

  5. Alan says

    I think WinScope (computer based oscilloscope) would make a good addition to the list

    It is free for hobbyists to use, it does have some frequency limitation and I have tried it but not much since I have a real hardware scope.

  6. MazE says

    Ops! up to *16* (sixteen) layers !!


  7. MazE says

    Here you can find a simple but useful schematic drawing app.
    Add your components using macro and saving them in custom library.
    With the latest version you can also draw PCB up to 1 layers (by hand, no automatic things), there is a footprint library (my only contribute, author of software is Lorenzo Lutti).