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Free Arduino Microcontroller Kits.

BBArduinoModuleThe new electronics hobby parts giveaway at uC Hobby features the Arduino board and kits from Modern Device Company. The Arduino is an open-source microcontroller hardware and software environment closely related to the Wiring and Processing open-source initiatives. The microcontroller is an Atmel Atmega 168 AVR.

Update: You can get a very nice, breadboard compatible serial adaptor to use with the Bare Bones Board from Wulfden for about $4. Look down the page for the β€œP3 – Serial Programmer”.

Update: To connect this kit to your PC you will need to make or purchase a USB to TTL interface cable or RS232/TTL adaptor. The RS232 adaptor is easy to make or buy from Sparkfun. The USB cable is available form Modern Device Company or from Mouser. I plan to do a write up for a simple RS232/TTL adaptor which would be easy to put together. If someone beats me to it, they will get a free kit.

The cool thing about Arduino is that you don’t need to buy a programmer or development tools. A great Integrated development environment (IDE) is available free. Better yet, it’s designed to be easy for beginners. You just run the free software, connect the Arduino to your PC via serial (or USB with a special cable) and get busy writing programs to interact with your projects.

Ard on breadboardTo receive a complete Arduino kit including the pre-programmed Atmega 168, PCB and parts, you need to submit an article for publication at uC Hobby. Links to uC Hobby from your electronics related web site or blog get you either an Atmega 168 pre-programmed with the Arduino code or the Arduino bare bones PCB ready for you to populate with parts supplied by you. There are also a few of the LED assortments still available so you can chose to receive those instead of the Arduino parts.


Arduino (Atmega 168) Features:

  • 14k flash program storage
  • 1k RAM for program memory
  • 6 PWM outputs
  • 6 A/D inputs
  • UART and SPI interfaces
  • Hardware interrupts
  • 20 general purpose I/O pins (shared with PWM and Analog pins)
  • 16 MHz RISC microcontroller
  • Open-source hardware, IDE, bootloader
  • Easy upgrade to more powerful hardware (Wiring)

Read through these post to learn about the uC Hobby parts giveaways.

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42 Responses

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  1. dfowler says


    Information about the options and giveaway program are on the page at the link below.


  2. Joseph Yumul says

    @ dfowler
    what are the items available for the links?

  3. dfowler says


    The intention with our submitted articles is to give hobbyist a place to publish an article and to reward them for choosing to do it at uCHobby. While we don’t require exclusive publishing of an article, it does need to be published at uCHobby before it is published elsewhere. We need this limitation, we could not send free parts to everyone that has an article published someone on the net.

    I removed your comment with the link to the article becase the link was not to a valid page. While it would be OK to link to your project in a comment here, I prefer that you post it in a comment to a related article. This way people who are looking for simular projects will find it.

  4. Joseph Yumul says

    dfowler, i have writen an article which is published in it was published there because it was one of the entries for the contest i just want to know if it can be accepted to published here and i will get an Adafruit Boarduino kit

  5. t1000x says

    hello dfowler, im really inspired with your topic TTL to RS232, though litlle points wasnt clear to me cos im not really a PC pro. im doin a project and visited some sites, and even tried to post my problem.and somebody linked here to me I tried to use the circuit you’ve shown ( with my project, but i feel upset when it doesnt work. I just think that maybe the parts i used is not compatible in the circuit or maybe my project really isnt compatible with each circuitry. As of now, im still following topic and some links in here that could help me solving my problem.

  6. Mark says

    Several of the articles on our site have useful information on what to look for when buying electronic components. Some articles are simply informational. Hope you enjoy them!

  7. Joseph Yumul says

    I want one i want to try using microcontrollers (i haven’t used before)

  8. Roland Latour says

    I use an Arduino Diecimila under linux using shell
    scripts I have developed. See my website,
    Not 24/7, only works when my PC is booted. Full IO and
    PWM control, AD readings scaled to mV and formatted for
    easy import to most spreadsheets. Modular/Expandable.

  9. Bongmaster says

    sorry my forum went splodge so i have to rebuild.. here is the link to the new electronics section (under reconstruction)

    ignore the old link πŸ™‚


  10. dfowler says


    Send in an article about your project. If it gets published here at uCHobby we will send you a kit.


  11. Tyler says

    I want one!!!
    More to show off with, my YARR-Duino expresso machine!!!

  12. Bongmaster says

    got mine in post today πŸ™‚ thnx πŸ˜€

  13. TECHSOULS says

    Hey Guys,

    For all those who are in India, If you are looking out for Arduino Platform, check out Using Arduino design files (more precisely Boarduino design files) we have manufactured FLEXI – Arduino Compatible. (of course, the source is released under creative commons license) Check it out… Its real cool.

    – Team TECHSOULS.

  14. Bongmaster says

    thnx πŸ™‚ I was wondering if this was a dead thread πŸ˜€

    will send email right away πŸ™‚

  15. dfowler says


    Yes we still do the giveaways. I have tried to send you an email but have yet to receive a reply. Perhaps the address you used here is not correct. Please send an email directly to me at

  16. Bongmaster says

    Hi again. I was wondering if this giveaway is still going on.. since I have received no reply to my above comment including a link to my forum section that is arduino related with a direct link to this site.

    I was wondering if it warranted a free atmega168 for the link

    or am I to late? πŸ™


  17. Bongmaster says

    hi I have set up a sub-forum dedicated to the Arduino (because I think it deserves it) and have included links to a few sites that would be useful to it.. this one included..

    take a looksee:

    its young but it will fill up with much more things in no time πŸ™‚

    Does it count for anything?
    Hope it will be of use..

  18. dfowler says

    We have Boarduino kits to give away for articles which we publish at uCHobby. The articles have to be of interested to the electronics hobbyist. We especially like articles related to microcontrollers.

    Although we don’t have a specific restriction that the article be exclusive, we greatly prefer that the article be new and at least initially available at uCHobby. In the past, I believe we have accepted all but one article in terms of paying out a giveaway item. There has been one that was accepted but not published because it had been published elsewhere several weeks earlier.

    Ultimately we decide whether to accept an article based on several factors. Uniqueness, Quality of content, level of work required to publish, level of electronics hobby interest, number of pictures and external links for information (more is better for pictures and links, within reason). We also consider whether or not we need an article at the time, we like to have something new every few days. If we were short on articles, we might run one that otherwise would not have been used.

    So in short, we publish articles that are of interest to the electronics hobby community. We want to provide a place where people can publish this kind of work and we reward those that do.

    We also do giveaways for links on electronics related personal sites. Ideally this link should be a general supportive link, rather then a mention in a related article. The idea is that you would include any useful links in your articles without regard to whether you were being rewarded for that link.

    uCHobby does not claim ownership of the article. We do require that any submitted article fall under the overall license of the site. All material on uCHobby is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license. So in effect, if you submit an article, that is the license you are granting to uCHobby and the public in general.

  19. Brian says

    “I plan to do a write up for a simple RS232/TTL adaptor which would be easy to put together. If someone beats me to it, they will get a free kit”

    What if I just link to a write up?

  20. dfowler says


    Sure we love to get article submissions. If we use your article we can send you a Adafruit Boarduino kit. Your article needs to be of interest to electronic hobbyist and should have links to additional informaiton and pictures to show your work.

  21. Unx says

    dfowler, i’m a guy come from Hong Kong. i dont have any website or blog talking about electronic, but is that ok for me to send you an article talking about my final year project? because my final year project is a artwork that is related to electronic. seems Arduino maybe useful for me in my artwork.

  22. dfowler says


    No the program is still going on. I am currently giving away Arduino compatible Bare Bones Boards for articles which get published at uCHobby.

  23. jayesh says

    hmm.. i suppose i am not too late for this..
    am in india though!


  24. You says

    Hi, i’d like to get one too. Thanks guys, in advance.


  25. dfowler says


    I have sent you two messages. Perhaps your return email address is set incorrectly.

  26. Giuss says

    I’ve sent a mail to you but no answer from you πŸ™

  27. Joe Pitz says


    Here is a link to a DIY circuit board pre-heat re-work station.



  28. Elliott says

    Does a generic blog count? I post about electronics stuff every now and then, mostly just whatever project I’m currently working on…

  29. dfowler says

    I assume you want to know if your site would qualify for a free Arduino PCB or Chip with a link back to uC Hobby. If so, yes, your site looks good to me. I don’t read Italian but your site seems to be uC Related.

  30. Giuss says

    Here there is my site dedicated do microcontrollers and electronics, it is in Italian language

    Let me know if it is good

    Regards and thanks

  31. dfowler says


    In exchange for the link I can send you either a pre-programmed Mega168 DIP Arduino, ready to use in a breadboard, or a PCB ready to be populated with your own parts.

    Send am an email at with your choice and your mailing address. I have not received the parts from Modern Devices yet but when I do we can ship your selected item.

  32. levitis_leviathan says

    Greetings from pa2600 land. I have linked you in my website,

    Can I have a free Arduino devboard?

    Thanks in advance.

  33. pK says

    Hello dflower, i don’t understand so much what do you send me. (Sorry, my english is too bad :P)
    Maybe you can send me only the preprogramed Arduino chip OR the PCB for Arduino, correct? In this case i prefer the preprogramed chip, allowing me to make a tutorial for your site, no problem πŸ™‚ Obiously y prefer the chip WITH the pcb to save time to make my own proyect review for uCHobby, but no problem.

    See you πŸ™‚

  34. dfowler says

    In exchange for the link I can send you either a pre-programmed Mega168 DIP Arduino, ready to use in a breadboard, or a PCB ready to be populated with your own parts.

    how about this idea as a way to get the kit. Take the pre-programmed Mega168 Arduino chip in exchange for a link on your site. Build up a breadboard that does something simple like flash an LED using the Arduino chip; the uC “Hello World” application. You will need a RS232/TTL shifter on the breadboard to talk to the PC, be sure to describe this part of the project.

    Do a short article showing others how to create the same setup, software, hardware, parts etc… Submit that article and I will send you a complete kit.

    I plan to run an article such as this as soon as the parts arrive. I would love it if the article was submitted in exchange for a kit. I am working on a post about the RS232/TTL interface and may have it up tonight.

  35. pK says

    Hello guy! I have send you a mail with my address to info -at – uchobby dot com
    You rocks and your site too! Keep on the hard work πŸ™‚

  36. hcker2000 says

    Hey there I have some articles on my web site that might work.

    Here is the link.

    I am also working right now on two projects. One is a camera timer for slr camera’s. The other is a serial data acquisition project.

    Both are based on the pic 16f88.

    Well let me know what you think as this seems like a great kit.

  37. dfowler says

    Very nice site pK. I wish I could read spanish but I can tell that it is an electronics related site so send me an email with you mailing address and your choice of either the PCB or the pre-programmed Arduio chip. We will get it sent to you as soon as they arrive.

  38. pK says

    Hello guy! I have linked you in my blog located at:
    Is a spanish website and we like your post here, great work!

    Can i have a free Arduino devboard for me? πŸ˜‰

    Thank you guy, see you!

  39. dfowler says

    You can get the kit by submitting an artilce of interest to the electronic hobby comunity. Read the mentioned post for more details. The only issue I could see for India is the shipping charges. Look up the cost at the US post office web site. If it cost more then $5 to mail it then we may have a problem. I may go as high as $10 to ship if the article was real good :>

  40. Mike says

    I would love to have on of these kits?

  41. piyush says

    i m from india how can i get these kits ??

  42. brandonu says

    WOW! Another great giveaway! I’ve been wanting to play with an Arduino for a while now.