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Arduino kits are here

15KitsAndPartsThe Arduino Compatible kits arrived from the Modern Device Company today. I could not wait to build one up and try it out. I am impressed with the quality of this kit and the assembly instructions. This kit is a great deal for $15. You can buy a student package which contains 15 kits and some spare parts for $150 which works out to $10 each if you have a crowd to supply.

If you are interested in learning to use microcontrollers or want a quick prototyping tool, I highly recommend the Modern Devices Arduino Compatible Bare Bones Board. The Arduino is an excellent platform for beginners and this kit could not be easier to put together.

KitPartsWideGet a kit for (almost) free from uCHobby.
Several of the kits are spoken for already but you still have time to get one of these kits in exchange for a short article or you could get the PCB or a programmed Arduino chip for a link to uC Hobby. Read more here.

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  1. NGinuity says

    Got my kit today! Was soldered together in less than a half an hour, and the board is so intuitive, I never had to look at a schematic! Now I just have to learn to program it, hehe.

    Thanks uCHobby!

  2. JohnS says

    Mike, glad to see there’s an expert around in case i get into trouble. 🙂

    Only bummer is that the guy is on vacation so they won’t ship until after the 8th, so I’ll just have to be patient.


  3. micsaund says

    I also bought a 10-pack of these and I must say that it’s a fantastic value. In the 10-pack, they are only $10 each, which is cheap enough for my cheap-butt to embed them in projects without fretting the cost 😉

    It assembled easily and worked the first time. Can’t ask for anything else. I highly recommend these kits.


  4. JohnS says

    Cool, I hadn’t seen those before. I have a couple of projects in the works that need small controller and i didn’t want to mess with building a board. At $15, you’re right, these are a steal. I just ordered 4.