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August Site Update

What’s going on at uC Hobby? In this update: An Ardunio video done by a uCHobby regular!, Article submission status, status of the next uCHobby Giveaway item, a plea for help selecting an electronics CAD package, and plans for a predefined set of electronics bin cabinet labels. Leave a comment or send an email with feedback on the giveaway item and help in selecting a CAD program to use.

Arduino Video:
PK posted a video to YouTube showing what he did with the Arduino chip we sent him. You got to go see his video. Great job PK, I especialy like the awesome musical score. Check it out at PK’s web site.

Article Submission Status:
Things are going well here at uCHobby. Thank you for all the article submissions. We plan to post them at about 2 per week for awhile. If you submitted an article and have not heard back from us, please resubmit. We had some email server problems and may have lost some messages. Also, if you were expecting a package from uC Hobby and have not yet received it please let us know.

Next Giveaway
Still working on the next give away item. It’s either the LCD or the USB Bit Whacker. We are leaning toward a 128×64 graphics LCD with backlight. I am working on a setup to control the candidate LCD from a Arduino Compatible Bare Bones Board. I hope to post this next week along with the code to do something useful with it. Again the big problem is that it takes all the Arduino digital I/O lines to interface with the display module. I looked at the I2C chip xSmirf mentioned (PCF8574). This might be a good option but I would likely need more then one as this module may not have a 4 bit mode.

Schematic and PCB CAD
Trying to decide what CAD tool to use. I purchased the personal copy of Eagle but trusted sources say that I should look at Circad and Tina. Eagle is cheap for the limited personal version and seems to have a following in the hobby community. I am playing with Circad now, it has a very good user interface and seems to be reasonably priced for a full up version. Tina looks great as it has a built in circuit simulator that even runs uC code. Tina seems to be priced reasonably and there are several impressive video tutorials on their site. What do you use/suggest?

Cabinet Labels
I made a set of parts bin labels which can be printed on your color printer to a sheet of labels. I plan to write up a brief article about this very soon and include a PDF so you can print your own. I would like to know if anyone else offers a pre done set electronics bin labels with resistor color codes and schematic diagrams included on the labels. I have found that using plain paper and Magic Scotch tape works very well.

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  1. Pizzico says

    I was looking around for nice/good/fancy cabinet label and I found these Resistor Drawer Labels. Ciao!

  2. pK says

    Absolutitly greet! good news from uCHobby and for sure we can enjoy all of these. Keep on the greet work!

    dfowler, please check you mail. I have send you a fix for my article. I writed a wrong video url on them! i hope you can edit before you post it. Thanks!