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Oscar does Arduino POV


Oscar Gonzales has done some neat things with the Arduino, this time he has a Persistence Of Vision (POV) project featuring the Arduino. He has a very well done video showing the details of construction and demonstrating operation. One really neat feature he has included is an IR trigger to keep the LED flashes necessary to create a stable image in sync with the rotation. Oscar scrounged many of the parts from an old car Radio to build this project.

I am happy to brag that Oscar used the Arduino he received from uCHobby as part of the give away program to build his latest project. Visit his project page for more information if you can read Spanish. Maybe Oscar will do an English version for uCHobby once he has time. Right now he is working on a wireless link for his Arduino POV.

Pay special attention while watching the video linked at his site. He shows how the mechanical bits of this project are put together. Oscar always has a great sound track to go with his videos as well.

I don’t know what he plans to display with the spinning POV but the first thing that popped into my head was to show audio waveforms which are picked up by a mic or transmitted wirelessly using his planned RF link. I suspect he will write text received. Great work Oscar!

Oscars Arduino POV Project Page

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  1. Oscar G. says

    Sorry, here is the direct link to my post and the video:

  2. Oscar G. says

    Hello guys,
    I have allmost finished my Arduino Wireless POV and i have some nice video to show you in plain work.

    You can see it here:
    www. bricogeek. com/index/cat/7/nid/920/

    As you can see, the IR tachometer works very well an keep the text very stable on the air.

    No time for a good video with soundtrack but i hope you enjoy it.

    Kind regards from Spain,

  3. Alan Parekh says

    Great looking POV!

  4. Oscar G. says

    Hey dfowler! Thx for your visit on my site and for your coment too! Maybe showing audio waveforms would be fun, im write it here for later… 😉