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AVR Scope Text Display Released

TerminalCharacterSetIn a previous uCHobby article I discussed the AVR Oscilloscope Clock Kit form Dutchtronix. This neat product uses an oscilloscope in XY mode to display a full real time clock face. In that article I suggested that the XY scope trick might be used to make a text and graphics display for bench projects. Jan from Dutchtronix just informed me that they did it! Now you can use the AVR Oscilloscope Clock Kit hardware to display a text screen of 12 lines by 20 characters. The display includes the full ASCII character set including upper and lower case letters.

The picture here shows how well the characters are displayed on an Oscilloscope using the kit hardware. Visit the new Dutchtronix AVR Scope Terminal site to read more. If you have a AVR Oscilloscope you can download the code to make it a terminal.

I hope to get mine converted in the next week or so. Let us know how it works for you with a comment.

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