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Liberlab – Open source data acquisition and control

LiberlabWhile reading though the incoming RSS today I came across Liberlab via this post at Hack247. Liberlab is another movement like the Arduino. The project is open source and has the following stated goal.

"The Open Source project Liberlab aims to help democratize educational scientific experimentation through the creation and use of a DIY digital lab at a very low price ( ~ 15 €/$). Liberlab can also be used to learn about robotics, automation, human-machine interface or interactive arts."

I believe it boils down to firmware for an ATMega8 and software applications that work with this firmware for inexpensive data acquisition and control. It looks like a great project to support. If you have experience with Liberlab let us know about it with a comment.

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  1. dfowler says



  2. Dan(lazy)Honnet says

    Hello everybody, my name is Daniel, and I’m glad to join your conmunity,
    Wish to assist as far as possible.

  3. dfowler says


    Welcome! Maybe you can submit an article about a project you are doing…

  4. DamionKutaeff says

    Hello everybody, my name is Damion, and I’m glad to join your conmunity,
    and wish to assit as far as possible.

  5. dfowler says

    The Liberlab site is down for a bit for some maintanence. I have talked with the author and it will be back soon.

  6. dfowler says


    I just checked and could not access the site either. I sent an email to Francois to see what’s up. I’m sure it’s a temp problem. I just had one of those… This site was down for much of the day due to a power failure.

  7. Chris says

    And now it looks like the project has disappeared. The webpage seems to be unreachable – at least it has been for a few days.

    Anybody know anything? It would be a shame, as Liberlab does sound very interesting.

  8. Mik says

    It just looks like nothing have been updated at the site since 2006

  9. RSBohn says

    Looks to be a cool project. I expect you could get the AVR 28 pin development board from Sparkfun
    and a Mega8 and be good to run. I ordered the 28 pin board and will have a go at it.

    Seems like the firmware could work on the Mega168 also.