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Surface Mount Soldering Aids

SMTSolderingAidsElectronics-Lab blog recently mentioned a Surface Mount Soldering Guide available at Curious Inventor. This guide is very good and includes video demonstrations of soldering many common surface mount parts. Several methods are demonstrated to deal with various package types. If you have been shying away from SMT parts take a look at this guide.

Curious Inventor does sell soldering related items so I purchased some much needed soldering aids for the lab. You can see the recently arrived items pictured here: Solder flux, flux pen, tweezers, brush, solder, dispensers, a new soldering tip, and a magnifying Loupe.

One of the items is a dry soldering iron tip cleaner. I hear they are better for the tips because they don’t cause temperature shock. I have been using a wet sponge to clean my iron tip for ages but I am willing to give it a shot.

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    Not to be a pedant (yeah, right 🙂 ) but I think you’ll find it’s spelt “Loupe” (