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Open Source Hardware Goodies

DSC 0403Daniel Joliffe has been updating the Freeduino site. One of the exciting changes is that he has free advertising for sites devoted to DIY and open hardware. I am honored to be one of the sites given this opportunity.

Featured sites include the main Arduino site, Libelium, Modern Device Company, NKC Electronics, PHAndeson, RepRap, The Shoppe at Wulfden and the every popular uCHobby! I highly recommend each of the sites featured at the Freeduino site.

One of those sites is NKC Electronics which I had not herd of before seeing them featured. I visited the NKC Electronics site and found several items I could not live without. One of the items I purchased was a basic Freeduino kit which is fully compatible with the standard Arduino.

I got my package of goodies as pictured here. In addition to the Freeduino kit, I also picked up a WIZnet adaptor module, some SOIC to DIP adaptors, AVR JTAGE ICE Kit, an Xbee module to dip adaptor, a proto shield, and an AVR ISP programming adaptor kit. I plan to build the Freeduino tonight and will follow up with a short review. I am looking forward to trying the JTAG module with AVR Studio for some lower level ARV work. I plan to use some of Follower’s and xSmurf’s project work to play with my WIZnet module.

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  1. featheredfrog says

    Somehow, I don’t think the RIGOL DS1042CD 40MHz 2 Channel DSO + 16 Port Logic Analyzer at $999.00 is actually Open Hardware, although it IS a great box. 🙂 NKC is a great site, thanks for calling my/our attention to it.