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Got My WiiChuck Adaptors Today

wiichuck_adapter1 Received my WiiChuck Adaptors today. Now I just need to buy a WiiChuck and figure out a neat project for an Arduino. I learned about the adaptor from this Make blog article.

The WiiChuck is an accessory attachment to the Nintendo Wii remote. This accessory has 3-axis accelerometers, a 2-axis joystick (thumb) and two buttons all interfaced via I2C. All this for about $20. There is code to work with the WiiChuck for the Arduino and these adaptors make it easy to get connection to the special connector used.

Maybe I could make the Arduino WiiChuck work with some of Bernard’s code from the Accelerometer Based Mouse article.

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  1. Berni says

    Btw a small tip. You can get samples of digital accelerometers that use I2C or SPI at ST semiconductor.Sensitive to a 1000th of a G. Works similar the WiiChuck but in a tiny chip.

  2. lizardMote says

    I’ve been experimenting with the wiimote but haven’t had a chance to start looking at the wiichucks. Thanks for all the good links.

  3. xSmurf says

    Ah! I need to pick one of these!

  4. Berni says

    Yeah it can easy work with that VB code.
    It just sends the binary 11111000 AND button states and then the X and Y.Forgot what the baud rate is