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RGB LED Ping Pong Ball Light

PingPongBallWith3LEDs I did some more scrounging to create a mini Locnar using the LEDs from a Glade Light Show air freshener. The wall wart had previously been scrounged from this air freshener for the bread board power supply. Now we reuse part of the circuit board with the LEDs combined with what we learned in the Ping Pong Ball diffuser project to create a color changing orb. A simple program randomly cycles three PWM outputs on an Arduino compatible Freedunio board to make a color show. There is even a video.

The video is not the best. It is a new camera on the swing arm camera mount. The focus keeps cycling in and out as I move my hands around in front of the camera. But you can see the LED orb and hear my descriptions for the parts.

More about the project and the video after the jump.

The Video:

This is my first YouTube video and I’m sure it shows. The camera is new and I think it works fairly well. I know it has some options that will help with the focus issues. I also need to work on the background noises in my lab for the next video.

The audio and video were recorded in one pass and uploaded it to YouTube. Have a look and let me know if you think I should do more videos like this, only better…



GladeBoard GladeBoardBroken PingPongBallWith3Holes 

In the first picture (left) you see the circuit board from a Glade Light Show air freshener. The two white wires were cut to free the wall wart power supply. I noticed that the three LEDs have one pin connected in common on the circuit board. Testing showed that this pin should be tied positive. Using a large pair of wire cutters I cut the circuit board behind the LEDs as you can see in the second picture. The circuit board would hold the LEDs and provide a good place to solder on wires, as you can see in the finished picture (top of article). The leads on each LED were re-bent so they would fit into the three holes in a Ping Pong ball. Each LED was roughed up using a small file to help diffuse them as described in the previous article.

Next Steps

It would be nice to combine the RGB Ping Pong ball with the Analog Meter from a previous article. I also purchased some colored ping pong balls to play with. Maybe a nice box with a few meters and Ping Pong ball LEDs to monitor the web server for this site. Any suggestions?

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8 Responses

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  1. Alan says

    The effect looks great David! Nice reuse of the old circuit board. 🙂

  2. mtbf0 says

    i had 6 rgb leds stuck close together in a breadboard ping pong ball diffusers were out of the question, so i came up with plastic straws. this resulted in my first youtube video. overexposed. colors washed out. wierd video artifacts. but, you know, kind of cool.

  3. dfowler says


    Sure post it to your site. It’s not as good as the videos you do but I would be happy to see it at your site.

  4. Oscar G. says

    Hey dfowler! My congratulations for your first youtubed video, i like it! Just take care with the auto-focus of your camera 🙂 Anyway, good work as usual and i espect more like this.

    P.D: With you permission, i have posted this to my website 🙂

    My best regards David!

    Oscar G.

  5. Berni says

    i did a similar RGB thing but a piece of paper to reflect it on a wall

  6. follower says

    Hee, hee, except for the “writo” in the video. 😀

    I think this is a very good first video effort. 🙂 While the focus and background noise issues would benefit from improvement you still speak clearly and having the circuit, site logo and electronics all visible worked well.


  7. follower says

    Well done, I don’t think you’ll be giving any prizes away for typos etc this time… 🙂


  8. magmag says

    magic of internet, I just went through this site which recalled me your pingpong balls:
    the same project… at a lot bigger scale 🙂