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DDS-60 Kit from AmQRP

DDS60KitMy son is about to graduate as an Electronics Engineer and is doing a project involving DSP and RF (radio frequency). He needed a good source for an LO (local oscillator) for his radio and ended up purchasing an interesting kit at AmQRP. This kit uses an Analog Devices AD9850 DDS chip which you have to get as a sample as it is not included in the kit. Analog Devices parts are expensive but they do have a great sample program so getting one should not be a problem. My son got his in short order.

The DDS-60 board has a set of header pins which would work nicely for a breadboard. It should be very easy to control from an Arduino or other microcontroller. The output is adjustable up to about 4V and can go from near 0Hz to 60MHz. This board is very similar to my SigGen1. The SigGen1 would be harder to build but does include a log amp to make measurements with. The DDS-60 board will be simpler to build and works better for a breadboard. The SigGen1 would as it was designed as a daughter board for the Modern Device Company Bare Bones Board.

One really neat thing about this kit is the way the parts are tabled. Surface mount parts often have no marking and those that do are very small and hard to read. The people at AmQRP have affixed each of the parts to a piece of cardstock tabled with the part value and reference designators. This should make it very easy to assemble the kit.


The kit uses surface mount components but I do not believe any will be hard to deal with. The capacitors and resistors are 0805 packages and the chips have tight lead spacing. The Surface Mount Soldering Guide at Curious Inventor should have all the tips he needs to get this done. After the kit is assembled we will write a simple test program for an Arduino or his DSP evaluation board.

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  1. Alan says

    Congrats to your son.

  2. Al Williams says

    Funny I just bought one of these last week with a specific project in mind. Will keep you posted.