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uCHobbyLogo uCHobby has a new page and RSS feed devoted to interesting news and electronics related articles. These are collected via a shared tag from Google Reader. I read more then 20 feeds related to Electronics and Making hobbies.  As I mark items in those feeds for follow up they should show up here. Read more about this new feature and to see a list of the feeds after the jump.

I watch a good deal more then the feeds listed under this sites Blogroll. As I read the incoming new articles in Google Reader I mark the articles that I want to explore. These marked articles automatically show up on the new uCHobby Web Picks page.

Feeds I watch:
This list may not be complete or in any specific order. I will try to update it as I go.


This experimental feed may not continue. Add a comment if you think it should maintain this feature.

Suggest a Feed:
Do you have your own hobby electronics related feed? Have a favorite feed not listed above? Suggest feeds for this list with a comment or an email to

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8 Responses

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  1. loyd says

    I like it

  2. dfowler says


    Thank you.. I added your blog to my reader. I look forward to reading your post.

  3. Al Williams says

    I take it by spells, but covers hobby electronics, internet, ham radio, etc. etc. The common thread is “geeky” I think.

  4. Danny V says

    Thanks for mentioning my blog. I’ve been following yours for a while.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Erin Kennedy says

    Thanks for watching my website! 🙂
    I extremely appreciate it – as I’m sure you know!

    Awesome set of links too!

  6. dfowler says


    If you follow the read more link on the lower right I beleive there is a mention of the RSS for this feed.

  7. Laen says

    I love it. Here’s my electronics feed (which now includes yours):

  8. jeremiah says

    sounds like an awesome idea, but where’s the feed link? I no can find it.