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Digital Multimeter Pen from Saelig

MulitmeterPen I won a Digital Multimeter Pen from Saelig which has some interesting features. Of course it is very handy to have the display in your hand as you measure. I find that positioning the meter to read it while probing is often a pain. This solves that problem. The meter even has a display on both sides so it works for left and right handed people.

Another neat feature is a build in logic probe. A reference high signal is connected to a jack on the meter side. This voltage is used to threshold the signal at the probe tip. So you can connect the reference pin to your logic supply and it automatically adjust the thresholds. If the measured voltage is less then 20% of the reference, the "low" LED is on, if above %80 of the reference, the "high" LED is on, otherwise no LED is active.

Saelig is an online store that specializes in neat electronics devices that would be of interest to electronic hobbyist and engineers. They send out an advertising flyer with specials and new products. I won the meter in a comment contest they had with one of these flyers. I do not see the Pen Multimeter at their online store so it maybe a contest only item. Saelig is not a sponsor of uCHobby but it would be great if they wanted to trade advertising space for giveaways. Maybe they will read this, we can hope…

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  1. Alan Lowne says

    Hi There!

    Glad you enjoyed the prize! Yes, it was a contest-only item and not available in our webshop at – we evaluate lots of products for sale – and some don’t make it due to various (usually economic) reasons. We try to find unique products from around the world that engineers and hobbyists find useful.
    Thanks for the links!
    Best wishes, Alan Lowne CEO

  2. Thomas says

    Well Daniel, I am more interested in µC powered gadgets on a µC related page, than in a bog standard, two OpMap based comperator thingy.

  3. dfowler says

    I really to like a nice handheld meter but will give this one a try.

    The post has been updated with links to Saelig.


  4. Berni says

    For i logic probe i have a tiny pice of prefboard with two LEDs on it for 1 and 0 and it plugs on to the breadboards power lines at the sides

  5. Daniel says

    Thomas, in err I said Transistor when I meant OpAmp. Secondly, the design was RADICAL because I actually got it too work. 😉 Oh the jokes.

    Ive seen the mondo one before. Using a controller is not that impressive in my opinion. Ha and it is entertaining that he scrapped a logic probe, to build a logic probe. Cheers.

  6. Thomas says

    Sh.t., I just recognized I should have used the super probe link to write a hobby parts for article” article about it. Oh, well, next time 🙂

  7. Thomas says

    Daniel, if you mean this probe, then I don’t consider it a radical design, and for the life of me can’t find any transistor in the schematics.

    If you look for a DIY logic probe, this one has a lot more features. Somewhere I have also seen such a probe build with an AVR and not a PIC, but I can’t find that web site any more.

  8. Daniel says

    Just a joke Berni.

    I found some logic probe plans online from a site called swansontec. They are pretty radical versus most usual probe designs. The only thing wrong with his write up on it is, he uses outdated transistors.

  9. Berni says

    Yeah i guess it coulb be used for that.But mainly useful for finding if the end of the wire is safe to touch when working with mains.

  10. Daniel says

    @Berni, it detects wires with AC voltage? looks like you have the Christmas light string, bad light detector built into yours!

  11. Berni says

    I recently won a multimterer that solves this problem too.
    It looks like a normal auorange multimeter (Volt,Amp,Freq,Duty,Cap etc) but its only 9cm big and has a feture to clip the test probes to the back of the caseing.And also one strange feture, a bar at the top lights up if you hold it close to a wire with AC voltage in it(seams to detect static charges too)

  12. Florin says

    It looks cool, but i have to agree with Daniel, i have no problem in using the classic digital multi meter.

  13. Daniel says

    Looks like a neat item, Think I would still prefer an old fashioned DMM to it though. I’d like to check out the site, what is the Saelig URL?