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Prototyping Board Contest 2 Winners

announce We have four winners in this contest. To support the electronics hobby community uCHobby has a give away program where hobbyist receive interesting electronics parts and kits in exchange for links, articles and by winning comment contest at the site. This giveaway contest was for comments on the Wright Hobbies prototyping boards Six Prototyping Boards from Wright Hobbies. The winners for previous comment contest on the sponsorship announcement article were announced here.

There were two ways to win: by random selection, and by having the best suggested hobby project that used one of the prototyping boards. To select the two random winners I made a quick Excel spread sheet where a random number was calculated, rounded and then I verified a valid comment at that number. The process was repeated until I had two winners. For the “Best” ideas category I planed to pick the two I liked best. If they had already won the random selection I would pick another. I found that there were a lot of great ideas in the comments so I made a list of my favorites and used the random method described above to pick the winners. Not winning does not mean your idea was not the best, I just could not pick from several of the ideas so I made a list and used random choice from there.

Random Winners
Comments 16 and 30 won the random selection. Alan and Juancubillo each win a Wright Hobbies prototyping board set.

Best Idea Winners
To award this category I picked several of the ideas I personally liked and then used random selection to select comments 3 and 24. Berni and Laen each get a set of the prototyping boards. We hope they take advantage of the uCHobby giveaway program with articles about their projects.

Berni’s Round Prototyping Board Yo-Yo
Berni plans to make a Yo-Yo using two of the round boards. The kit only comes with one round board so for Berni I will trade one of the other boards for a round one in my collection.

Lean’s Sixth Sense Hat
If I had to pick only one winner for the idea I like best category I would probably go with Lean’s sixth sense hat. He plans to mount several vibrator motors to a hat to give guidance queues to help a person navigate with GPS. The motor on the right side would vibrate to tell the user to turn left for example. The user would be guided along a safe path to a destination. I really like this idea, I hope Lean gets this done and written up soon.

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4 Responses

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  1. Berni says

    I just got these very nice boards. Now i need to get off my ass and make something cool.

  2. Joseph Yumul says

    Congarts!! 😀 hope i see the end product

  3. Florin says

    Read about the idea with the vibrating motors applied to a belt here:

  4. Laen says


    All the credit for the sixth sense hat idea goes to the Feelspace Belt documented at:

    I’m most of the way through the construction of the hat. Expect a write-up soon!