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RobotGrrl needs our help!

RobotGrrl Erin, AKA RobotGrrl needs our help to raise money for the Stanford EPGY AI summer program. Erin is a very talented high school student that will someday be a famous robotics engineer. She represents the new breed of passionate electronics engineers that will take us kicking and screaming into the future. Her efforts so far have gotten her accepted to the Stanford EPGY AI summer program but it will cost her a significant sum of money. Visit her site and donate or purchase one of her Styrobots to help get her though this summer program.

StyrobotShe has setup a donation button at her site so we can help. She will also be selling some hand-made art robots based on a bristle bot design she has been playing with. I hope to see these on Etsy and will definitely be purchasing one for my robot collection.

If you want to help Erin further develop her engineering skills please go donate to her cause or purchase one of her robots. Let’s do our part to make the future better by helping this passionate engineer get started.

Read more at Erin’s RobotGrrl Blog.

I recommend that you read around on Erin’s blog. I know you will be compelled to help Erin with her summer program cost if you do. I know I was impressed and I look forward to watching her skills develop.

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