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RobotGrrl Styrobots Arrive!

Both I received two special styrobots this week! Jigglygoo and Uchobbygoo are pictured here smiling for the camera. These robots are awesome and will be honored guests. I plan to take Jigglygoo to my day job office. There is a spot waiting for it on my book case. Uchobbygoo will stay right here next to my monitor. More pictures and a video of RobotGrrl packing up my Styrobots after the jump.

I purchased the Styrobots to help RobotGrrl pay for a Stanford summer program she was accepted to. I have high hopes for her and will treasure Jigglygoo and Uchobbygoo. I highly recommend that you get a styrobot for yourself. You will get a great new friend and help a budding engineer get her start. Read more about RobotGrrl and here Styrobots here.

uCHobbyGooBack This is my favorite styrobot. RobotGrrl really took a lot of time to make me a truly unique piece of functional art. She hand painted a uCHobby logo onto the back side of this robot. All the styrobots are totally unique and named by RobotGrrl. This one is extra special because of it’s tattoo.

RobotGrrl paints up the robot based on what she feels and includes a note with the robots name and a serial number. Someday when she is famous, these creations will be worth a great deal but I am not selling mine.


In this picture you can see Styrobot number 8 with its personalized note on the inside. The disk at the bottom is also a platform for the small cell phone vibrator motor that makes the robot go.

The Video
RobotGrrl created a time lapse video when she packed up my styrobots. You can see that she takes great care to insure that each adopted Styrobot has a comfortable journey.

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  1. Steve Chamberlin says

    Cool! Post a video of the styrobots in action?

  2. Erin says

    Wow!! They look great and happy! 😀

    Hope you enjoy them, and thanks for the post, David!

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