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PCB Giveaways at YourITronics

PCBYourITronics is running a giveaway program similar to what we have here at uCHobby. In this program you receive PCBs made in China in exchanged for an article about your design published at YourITronics. The PCBs you receive are your own design so you get a set of PCBs to build up your design.

When I started doing giveaways I hoped to see other sites follow this idea to help support electronics hobby efforts while promoting an electronics hobby web site. I hope YourITronics is just the beginning. I know its been fun to do here at uCHobby and I bet they will enjoy it as well.

Read more about the YourITronics PCB Giveaway program here and about the uCHobby Giveaway Program here. Please comment if you know of other sites with similar giveaway programs.

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