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A Great Internet Migratory box of Electronics junk Arrives at uCHobby (TGIMBOEJ)


TheBoxDavid at ogi Lumen started a TGIMBOEJ and sent it to me as it’s first stop. What is a TGIMBOEJ? Here is the quick description from the place where it all started. Evil Mad Scientist Labs. A lot more can be learned at the TGIMOE Wiki

The Great Internet Migratory box of Electronics junk is a progressive lending library of electronic components. An Internet meme in physical form halfway between P2P zip-archive sharing and a flea market. It arrives full of wonderful (and possibly useless) components, but you will surely find some treasures to keep. You will be inspired look through your own piles, such as they are, and find more mysterious components that clearly need to be donated to the box before it is passed on again.

In this short post, you can see what I found in the box, what I kept and what I added for the next lucky junk collector. I would love to receive more TGIMBOEJ packages. I have plenty of junk to send out.


The idea behinds the TGIMBOEJ is that what might be junk to one hobbyist might be treasure to another. Its also a good way to clear out that junk you just cant bring yourself to toss. You are not tossing it, you are sending it to someone else to look over.

The Junk:
TheJunk The picture here shows all the stuff David of ogi lumen started it off with. You can start one with your junk as well. Read the “How to start a box” section at the TGIMBOEJ Wiki. The printer I plan on keeping is not shown in this picture.

At the last minute I decided to keep the large black cap seen middle right in this picture. I just don’t have a huge cap and what self respecting electronics nut would not have at least one of these.

Lots or relays, caps, a speaker, 2 open frame power supply boards and the back of that BNC panel can be seen here.


The pictures below show top and bottom views of a small thermal printer that was among the items in this TGIMBOEJ. Other nice items include a few power supply modules, huge capacitors a motor and that panel of BNC jacks with some prototyping boards mounted behind. I started to keep the BNC panel but decided to let it go, I have plenty of BNC jacks…



I did a quick look in one of my junk boxes and found several items to include in trade for the printer. I planed to do something with each of these items at some point but really I know they would have sit unused in my junk pile. This way someone else has a crack at making use of these items.


  • Old solar path light.
    I had started scrounging and removed the useless batteries. I cut the wires from the PCB then suddenly realized that I might want to keep the thing as a solar power battery charger and stopped there. Well it goes in the box. Find yourself two AA rechargeable and hook those wires back up. The thing sucked as a path light but perhaps you can do something neat with it besides lighting your path at night.
  • Panel Mount Circuit Breaker
  • Micro hard disk, 60GB I think.
    I think this is bad but I don’t know for sure. its interesting to look at at least. I will include the small USB controller card if I can find it.
  • Some small PCB’s with parts that might be useful
  • A huge LCD panel
    I bought this new on a lark, could not find documentation for it so I cant do much with it. The next guy might want to try.
  • GPS Receiver
    Yes you read that right, a 12 channel GPS receiver board. This receiver should be working. You will need to find documentation which should be online and a GPS antenna to hook up.


Getting on the list:
To receive a TGIMBOEJ put your name in the list on the “Box Request” Wiki page

Flickr photostream:
The TGIMBOEJ suggest that pictures be put up on Flikr so I created a uCHobby account and added the pictures under the TGIMBOEJ tag.

Comments Please:
Let us know if you have received or started a TGIMBOEJ. What kind of junk you have or what you are looking for. I plan to start a TGIMBOEJ and hope to receive more. This is great fun and I cant wait to see what happens to this box.

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  1. dfowler says

    I have not really got started playing with it. I expect that it takes serial.

  2. Alan says

    Cool box of stuff. 🙂

    What type of data does the printer take? Serial?