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Nixie Tube Code Contest at ogi lumen

electrowave2iogi lumen is running a open source software contest where you can win a complete set of Nixie tubes and power supply kits. Enough to build some neat projects. We did a review of these Nixie tube displays previously here at uCHobby. They were very easy to use and make great steampunk style indicators for your next DIY project. The basic idea in the contest is that you submit open source code to do something interesting using an Arduino microcontroller and some ogi lumen Nixie tube displays. If your project is selected for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place you receive a set of Nixie tubes, with the drivers and powers supply boards in kits. Read more about the contest here.

I still cant get enough of this video showing the displays cycling in a wave. I would love to see more tricks like this for these Nixie displays. I hope the winning code does something neat like this.

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  1. Berni says

    Yeah that’s one thing about the contest, you have to have at least one of these displays to even make a contest entry. Would have been much better if it was a more open contest

  2. signal7 says

    Not to be negative, but I have to buy Ogi-lumen’s products… so I can make something to win the contest… so I can get more of Ogi-Lumen’s products. I gotta give it to them – that’s one sneaky marketing team.