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Make: television is a hit!

MakeTVLogoI just watched the first four episodes of Make: television and they was great! I believe Make TV will catch on like Mythbusters has. Mythbusters is about making things to prove or disprove Myths. Their formula for a good show is to build cool contraptions to test a Myth. Everyone likes to see stuff blow up so the Mythbusters always blows something up in the wildest ways possible.  Make TV is tailor made for those of us that especially like the building part of Mythbusters. With Make TV it is about creating. Art, re-purposing common bits to technology to work in new ways. Often the only reason is for the Art or the coolness of it, but that is more then enough reason to convert an old VCR into a cat feeder.

I really like the Maker to Maker sections where one of the Makers describes solutions to common problems when putting things together.

I highly recommend that you check out Make: television. You can always watch it online at the Make: television site if its not on a channel you can TIVO. Be sure to set the priority up as high as Mythbusters, you will love it just as much if not more. You can even subscribe it it on iTunes. Check out the Make TV site for details on how to see this show.

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  1. Florin says

    Hi David, I see that you’ve changed the look of the blog. It looks nice. I guess I’ll be watching maketv online..