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Changes at uCHobby

uCHobbyLogo We have upgraded our Word Press and selected a new site theme. I tried my hand at some art with a PCB picture and GIMP to make the background graphic for the site header. While the site is much more attractive now the idea stays the same. Helping hobbyist with Microcontrollers and providing a place to publish projects in exchange for useful parts as part of our on going Giveaway program.

Why the change…  It is good to change things now and then. The site was in desperate need of a new and better look. It was also using an outdated Word Press that may have been susceptible to hacking. You may have noticed the Google Ads were kind of off topic. I do not know exactly why this was occurring and I was getting tired of placing ever one of the advertising companies into the competitive ad filter to keep them off the site. I did not find evidence of being hacked but figured it would be better to re-do the site.

I want to give a huge shout out to Infotrust. I expected that the upgrade process would be a nightmare so I went looking for a Word Press Consultant to help. I found Alex over at Infotrust. With his help, my upgrade was fairly easy with only one tense situation. Thank you Alex!

The logo graphic as used here is missing from the new site. We plan to integrate it back into the header soon.

Make a comment with any suggestions for improvement or just to let us know what you think of the site layout.

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14 Responses

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  1. Joseph Yumul says

    Uchobby now looks more “hitech” nice selection for theme i like it 😀

  2. Craig says

    Full article in the feed too, please.

  3. Danny V says

    Looks very nice. I especially like the tag cloud on the right. Good job at getting the new theme to work!

  4. Alan says

    Site looks great, nice and fresh!

  5. xSmurf says

    I like it too, good work David 🙂

  6. Florin says

    I mean, scrapping type of websites 🙂

  7. Florin says

    David, Full feed means, you can read the whole article in a feed reader. You can change this setting at Reading Settings “For each article in a feed, show.. ” At the moment you are running summary, but it’s better to allow users to read the full article in feed. This ofcourse has a downside, Scapping type of websites can scrape content more easily. At youritronics, I have it set for Full text..

  8. Berni says

    Yeah the new site looks a lot better.

    Oh and i can give you a hand with the site graphics. I know my way around in graphics programs like photoshop and coreldraw

  9. Eric says

    I like it. It’s always nice when the website takes up the whole page.

  10. dfowler says

    @Edwin, Thanks I did set the background to a dark gray to match the graphic and removed the poor gradient that was there before.
    @David, Thanks
    @Lean, I am not sure what you mean. I have the feed set to show the most recent 10 post. Are you asking that the feed should include 100+ post?
    @Follower, I am working on the logo. It wont take much effort just taking my time I guess.

  11. follower says

    New design looks good–much “cleaner” and more “professional”.

    I think the header does still need a/the logo to give it a little more personality though.

    Nicely done.


  12. Laen says

    Any chance of offering a “Full Feed” for your RSS subscribers?

  13. David Floren says

    Ooh, stylin’.

  14. Edwin says

    Nice change. Give the header black on the left and the right. It looks better and solves your margin-problem. If you need some graphics stuff done I can help out in change for continued arduino attention 🙂