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Make Video for Breadboard Power Supply

MakeBBPS1 Make put up a video showing the build up of the uCHobby designed Breadboard Power Supply Kit. Make sells this kit from Curious Inventor. This power supply was designed here at uCHobby and written about here and here. I’m proud to see Make selling this and doing a video as well.

Go watch the video at Makezine and let us know what you think. Yes I’m happy to see it. maybe too happy… LOL

I checked out the YouTube page for the video and found there were 51 comments. The comments are not pretty… Seems that many don’t know what a bread-board or a power supply is. I commented as well, hoping to clear things up a bit.

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2 Responses

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  1. Berni says

    That is really nice to see!

    And don’t worry about youtube comments, A lot of people on youtube keep saying bad stuff no mather what, just ignore them.

  2. Oscar G. says

    Wonderfull, i’ve allready see this video on Make and the first thing that i was say is “WOW! this is David’s breadboard!!” hahaha you’re now famous!!!! excelent work Dave, im proud of you too 🙂

    See you soon and take care of you!