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Breadboard Adaptor PCB Comment Contest Winners

Adaptor PCBsOK we have selected the five winners for the comment contest related to our first post about breadboard adaptors. The winners are Cail, Shawn Vincent, Mikael, Joseph Yumul, and Randall Bohn. If you are one of these winners send your mailing address to All the ideas and comments were great so I chose the five winners randomly.

There are a few flaws on these boards, most notable is that the connector pin-out was wrong on the MIDI boards. More details about these boards and flaws after the jump.

PCB Faults
Most of the problems are minor but a few will require some trace cutting and jumpers.

  • MIDI Boards:
    • The two center pins (4 and 5) are reversed.
    • Ref designator for R2 and R4 are swapped.
    • P3 power rail 2 pin header is placed off by 0.005. Works fine though
    • Ref designators hard to follow on resistors
    • Power rail headers are connected to power which means the boards will only work on one side of the breadboard. Board revision removed this connection so these pins are really just for mechanical support on future versions.
  • Mini prototyping board
    • Needs better silk screen guide for connected pins. This just makes it easier to use.


Only the MIDI boards really need any documentation and there will be an article here at uCHobby with that information in a week or so. Before that, a PDF schematic can be sent to the winners upon request so they can get started building up the boards.

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2 Responses

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  1. Joseph Yumul says

    Can’t wait of those cute boards in my hand! 😀 😀

  2. Randall Bohn says

    Arrived today, thanks again!