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uCHobby’s first TGIMBOEJ

Box We plan TGIMBOEJ shipments, the first is code named uCHobby1. There is a lot of neat stuff mostly acquired from scrounging electronics headed for the trash. We have a ton of junk and old electronics to scrap; should be no problem making about 10 TGIMBOEJ shipments. I really need to do this as I’m swimming in stuff I just cant bring myself to toss. It could be useful some day. Good news is that I don’t have to toss it, I can sent it to you.

For TGIMBOEJ uCHobby one, I have a rough list of contests posted after the jump. Let me know if you want on the list to receive a uCHobby TGIMBOEJ. Probably best if you put your name on the official TGIMBOEJ wiki but I get to pick where I send it first. Especially let me know if you see something that you need for one of your projects.


Rough List of Contents

Qty Item Description
16 Random PCBs Boards form devices, boards have connectors, transistors and other discreet parts. One of these is a keypad and LCD display from a scrounged HP Printer.
1 Old GPS Receiver CMC GPS Engine
6 BBB in 3 types Modern Device Company Arduino compatible boards. PCB only, older revision. Should be very usable if you have a few parts.
1 Old Wireless Phone Just junk. Might reuse LCD, Speaker, and Mic
1 DC Brick Supply 110AC to 31VDC at 3A. From scrounged printer
3 DC Fans Small PC style case fans
1 HP Compaq CF Adaptor Sleeve for an old HP Compaq PDA. Adds Compact Flash slot
2 CF adaptors Used with above. 56K modem and WiFi adaptor
1 Small Wall Wart Motorola cell phone charger 5.9V
1 Small 8 Ohm Speaker Scrounged speaker
2 Scope Probes Old but may still be usable, No Ground clips
1 Nokia cell phone Probably still works, LCD and audio parts
1 Nokia LCD Display Scrounged from a phone in the past
1 Mini-8 LED flashlight In poor condition, Tube and LEDs reusable
4 Motors 2 Steppers, Small
2 Small Headsets One Bluetooth, may work.
Bunch Cables Coax, Audio, Ribbon, Flex, Ethernet bits, Wire…  Source of wire for projects
2 4700uF 40V Caps Big caps
1 LCD EL Backlight Large maybe 2×4 inches
1 Mouse Pad Ugly
? More Small Junk Including some panel mount fuse holders, circuit breakers, small parts, hardware. All scrounged stuff.


TGIMBOEJ uCHobby1 is ready
Just need to follow the steps here. Select the first destination and drop it by the post office.

This might be a violation of the TGIMBOEJ rules but I would like to send some of these boxes in a loop. I will include a list of people to send the box to and hopefully after 5 or so hops it will show back up at my step. If this works, I would reload it with stuff and send it back around the list. Might even be a good idea for recipients to include a list of things they want to receive. If one of us has a similar item, we can put it in the box to make the trip back around.

Of course its up to each recipient to decide. They could add more recipients or just toss the list and send it where they wish according to the TGIMBOEJ rules.

Let us know what you think of this TGIMBOEJ Loop idea. Also if you want to be in one of the loops. If there is enough interest I will send out the first TGIMBOEJ with an initial loop list.

Initial Loop rule thoughts
Box circulates a few times then moves on like a normal TGIMBOEJ or gets divided up into some other TGIMBOEJ shipments.

Box circulates once then its switched to a different loop list.

Box could have a theme, like Audio, Display, parts, etc..

Box recipients must take some pieces and add some pieces. Ideally throw away anything that really is useless.

Box could circulate in a user or hobby group.

Another TGIMBOEJ idea
For group meetings maybe a kind of box swap could occur without mailing. You bring a box, stack it with others, each box gets you a numbered ticket, boxes are randomly matched with Tickets. You take home a different box of junk. For large groups, the stack could be pre loaded so that when you present your box, you get another randomly. This would promote sharing and swapping during the meeting.

Comments Please
Let us know what you think of these ideas. If you want to participate in a TGIMBOEJ style Loop. Or if you just want to be on the list. I suggest that you place your name on the TGIMBOEJ request wiki but we will look there and in the comments for initial candidates.

If we inspire you to start a TGIMBOEJ of your own, please send it our way.

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  1. Tyler LaVite says

    I two am also highly interested in this i have many of items id love to include in a box and pass along.

  2. grinan barrett says

    I am also interested in this, and could probably start a couple of boxes myself.

  3. Jacob says

    I would be interested in participating. Some of the things in the box seem pretty useful for a robot I’m working on (GPS, BBB, LEDs, and steppers).

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