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TGIMBOEJ Code Named uCHobby1 Shipped

Box uCHobby’s first TGIMBOEJ shipped or our about Friday August 5th 2009. On its way to Duncan Templemeyer. The Box Tracking page has been updated and we await Duncan’s reaction.

This was great fun, putting together the box, selecting someone to send it to and sending it off. I highly recommend it to all you electronics hobbyist that have a collection of junk you cant bear to throw away but really don’t have a use for.

This is just the first TGIMBOEJ from uCHobby. I hope to get uCHobby2 put together very soon. I really have a huge load of stuff to place in these boxes.

Its been hectic here for the last two weeks or so. We killed the website with a WordPress update, twice. Don’t know what happened, ended up with the White Screen Of Death (WSOD). We are catching up, there are a few pending submitted articles that I have to work though. Hoping to get this done tonight. I leave for a week long business trip tomorrow morning so it could be another week before those are cleared.

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