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TGIMBOEJ Code Named uCHobby2 Sent

TGIMBOJ uCHobby2uCHobby’s second TGIMBOEJ is ready to ship. Duncan Templemeyer received uCHobby1 and updated the Box Tracking page. uCHobby1 should be on its way to the next destination soon. Duncan’s write up is here.

The second TGIMBOEJ has several PCB’s scrounged from UPS units, some batteries, cables, an interesting purple plastic box is loaded with components including some of the LM158H parts I wrote about earlier.

The empty space in the top of the box will include an old Panasonic laptop. That’s right, a laptop! Its a light weight tough book. The AC supply is missing but it might be usable for a picture frame or maybe even a Linux box.  I do not know if it works at all.

I got the laptop from a scrap pile. I have several of these and have found that some are fully functional. I hope to see someone do something interesting with this laptop. Better to put it in the TGIMBOEJ then to let it gather dust in my junk pile.

Let us know with an email to if you wish to receive one of our TGIMBOEJ shipments. A hint… I will automatically send the next TGIMBOEJ to anyone that sends me one.

The uCHobby3 should be put together in a week or so. I have a microcontroller starter kit and another laptop planned for that box, along with the junk and some surplus electronics parts.

If you receive a TGIMBOEJ from uCHobby, please include a link back to the page about that shipment here…


Luke delivered a TGIMBOEJ code named Palookaville to me. It was a handoff. We met for lunch in Austin and traded boxes. Anyone else in Austin want to do a TGIMBOEJ trade in person?

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  2. Jacob says

    How does one get considered for receiving the next box? It sounds interesting, plus I have some stuff I can add.