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TGIMBOJ Palookaville

TGIMBOJBox TGIMBOJ Palookaville was received here at uCHobby. Hand delivered by Luke Iseman, originating from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

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Lots of interesting things in this TGIMBOJ including an old 6800 CPU board pictured below. When I first saw this I thought it was the SWTPC SS-50 6800 board I cut my teeth on as a young boy. I had access to one of these at the age of 16 via my father. This machine is still with him, in one of his junk caches.

Pictured below is the contents spread around. Luke included one of his Garduino kits in the box. I decided to leave this valuable kit for the next person to play with. Lots of components, a gutted digital camera, a bunch of PCBs, some wire-warp wire and a wire-wrap hand tool Goodies


Here is the 6800 board. Does anyone know what this board really is? Any links to information about it online?



We kept some of the resistors, 39 Ohms and 10 Meg Ohms, two sockets, two stickers, a panel mount 10K pot, some NPN transistors and a small board with some kind of sensor and a AVR Tiny microcontroller.


This TGIMBOJ was a bit light with plenty of space for more so we loaded it up with a lot of junk for the next guy to look at. We will have to revisit the junk pile to finish up uCHobby3 now.

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  1. admin says

    Oh, forgot to mention that there was a laser module in the box that we kept as well. LOL forgot to mention the most exciting bit.

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