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Arduino gets a Wave!

ArduinoWaveGoogle Wave is here and it looks like a great too for hobbyist that want to share project information and get help. We have even started a Wave for Arduino information and helped our first hobbyist with a power supply issue on his project. Mark Campos and I found that Wave worked very well for real-time troubleshooting and hatched the idea that people should start public waves for their Arduino projects. To make projects easy to find use “Arduino” and “Project” as tags for the wave.

More instructions after the jump…

Arduino Information Wave
We started a wave for Arduino information. Links to information sites and places to buy Arduino boards are given. Since I started this wave a day ago, there have been several contributors. The content is growing fast. Please be kind and just add useful information. there is a spot for commercial links and more direct links to web sites offering Arduino things for sale. I will watch this wave and delete oblivious spam. You are encouraged to do the same.

Making your Wave public:
The short answer is to add as a user of the wave. Its a bit clumsy but works. If you have trouble look though the discussion here.

Adding tags:
At the bottom of the wave panel on the lower right you should see the tags. Click on the plus and enter one tag at a time. Use "Arduino" and "Project" so others can find your project Wave.

The playback feature should help a lot with dealing with the multiple edits as you review advice from follow hobbyist. Take a look at our initial Wave using the play back feature, you will see Mark and I discussing his power supply problem. I deleted this discussion to clean up the Wave since its meant for general information.

Mark put up most of the conversation in his first public Arduino wave. Check it out!

Finding Public Arduino Project Waves:
Make yourself a saved search. Next to the SEARCHES header on the far left, click the “+” button and give the search a name like “Public Arduino” enter “with:public Arduino” for the search term. Save then click on this search. Any public wave tagged with Arduino will show up. To just see project waves, add “Project” to the search or create another saved search.

Getting Help:
I will be watching for public Arduino Project waves. Create your wave, add a quick description of what you are trying to do and what you need help with. I’m sure you will get some help as wave becomes more of a resource for Hobbyist.

Your Wave in the Comments:
We can find your waves using the search feature if you make it public, even so, fell free to post a link here in the comments.

I cant wait to see how Google Wave helps us collaborate on cool Arduino projects.

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9 Responses

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  1. BEAnderson says

    Sure, I’ll be happy to join in!

  2. Carlos says

    I would love to join in collaborative Arduino development. It would be great to have an invite in order to join as soon as possible.

    Thanks fro the great blog,

  3. Marc de Vinck says

    Would love to check it out too!

  4. michael says

    would be great to get an invite to check this wave and contribute to it. 🙂

  5. westfw says

    Got invites for Google Wave?

  6. Rob Edwards says

    Do you have any extra Google wave invites?

  7. daniel andrade says

    Great idea, as soon as I get an Wave Acc, I will start helping with this project! 😛

  8. Eric says

    I’d love to see what you’re describing in this post…do you plan on giving out any invites?

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