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Site Update

MySQL problem
Just a quick note about the uCHobby web site. We have been having some trouble with our database server not starting as a service. If you see a database error when visiting please try again later. I can manually start the MySQL DB so the site will return. We should have this issue sorted soon.

Giveaway Program Ends. 
We are discontinuing the giveaway program. It was great fun to give away parts to hobbyist but I want to put more focus on my own projects for awhile. I have gotten lazy, using submissions rather then projects of my own. 

We enjoyed the giveaway program and it may return in the future.

There are lots of places to publish hobby projects compared to when we started the giveaway program. Let us know when you publish a home project. I hope to have a short post now and then with links to interesting projects around the web.

Future Articles
Expect to see some more interesting microcontroller projects here in the near future. I am playing with an all terrain robot project, more audio developments, new breadboard adaptor designs, and Android software development.

Go learn something, have fun, and share! Let us know how your doing.

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2 Responses

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  1. follower says

    Android software development, eh? 🙂 What a coincidence, I just “acquired” a Nexus One and started to have a look into Android developing over the weekend.

    Looking forward to seeing more articles from you. 🙂


  2. Steven Moughan says

    Its a shame the giveaway program is over, however its nice to see the site still being updated. Will it still be possible to submit articles for publication, even without the promise of some free swag in the future?