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$7 Microcontroller Evaluation Board

STMicroelectronics is working hard to gain ground in the microcontroller market. The STM8S-Discovery kit cost  $7 and features a small 8Bit MCU with I/O, a capacitive touch button, USB interfacing and Debugging support built into a detachable module. The attached debugging module can be broken off and reused. Development tool are free and provide full source level (sing step etc) debugging.ST-Diagram

We purchased two of these kits from Mouser Electronics for $7/each. I have not yet installed all the development tools but the board looks very easy to use.

Have any of you played with this? Seems like a great way to get started with Microcontroller hobbies. Might not be as easy as the Arduino but at under $10 it could be an inexpensive way to start. Comments?

A good bit on information and a video can be found at the STM8S-Discovery kit website.

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