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BahBots Controller from Wright Hobbies

Cool new microcontroller board available from Wright Hobbies. The BahBots controller has its own web site, includes a microSD card slot and XBee headers. It uses the ATMega1284P which has 128K of program space, 16K RAM and 4K EEProm. This is a big step up from the typical Arduino.

The BahBots controller does not have USB but it will soon have an Arduino boot loader and should work with the Arduino environment. It’s not going to take shield boards but it is packed with IO and the price is right at about $35. Read more of the specifications over at the BahBots site or at Wright Hobbies.

I’ve just got started playing with this board. Using AVR Studio and an ICSP rather then the Arduino tools. I will try the Arduino environment when they are ready to support it. I’m impressed with the value and performance of this robotics targeted board. I’m sure you will see future articles here using the BahBots controller.

Anyone out there herd of or using this board?

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