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Is this thing on?

Hello friends, David here.  I hope to get back to doing interesting things here. Is anyone still around?

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  1. muling says


  2. admin says

    Hey all you on the RSS feed. Please come back to the site now and then. Helps me pay for the hosting etc.. to have visitors.

  3. Peter Shaw says


  4. James says

    following on rss šŸ™‚

  5. croscwa says


  6. Roger That says

    Whats facebook?

  7. immortal says


  8. Jonathan says

    I’m still subscribed to the RSS feed. I’m using Feedly to replace Google Reader.

  9. Fritz Toch says


  10. admin says

    Great to see you all here! I was afraid my site had been forgotten.

    @notstarman and @Dan… What RSS reader are you using. I loved Google Reader RIP…

  11. notstarman says

    On RSS as well

  12. Dan Dawson says

    Still subscribed via RSS, looking forward to more posts!

  13. Steve says

    Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler? Beuhler?

  14. Matthew says

    RSS active, awaiting further hacker goodness…

  15. Quazatron says

    Still here, got this site on RSS. Now get back to work. šŸ™‚

  16. Evil Paul says


  17. Brooks says


  18. Vipul S. Chawathe says


  19. Heinrich says

    Me too…

  20. Weldo says

    ‘Sup? I’m here.

  21. Karl says

    Iā€™m here!

  22. Harlan Little says

    Hi Bubba! Saw you post on FB and though I would check in.