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What is this thing?

I was looking though some of my interesting parts and found something I had bought at
Electronic Goldmine
some time ago. The bag was labeled G19054. Easy right, just go to the Electronic Goldmine site and look it up.  Unfortunately they sold out of this part and removed the description.

I like to browse around for interesting parts and just buy them on a whim. Someday I will need that, or that would be fun to play with etc…


Lesson Learned!  Always download any data you can get when you buy a part from Electronic Goldmine.

Do you know what this is?  Let me know if you do.

Update: They replied with: Large Area Silicon Photodiode – Large area (0.175″ square) photodiode encased in a round metal/glass case and mounted to a flexible flat ribbon cable with 4 slot female connector on end.

Photodiode.  The metal can is a TO5 with a super good photodiode. I suspected it was a photo-detector due to the clear window.. Good guess I know…  The part had a tiny number on it, 1223.  Some searching got me to a HAMAMATSU S1223. These devices sell at Newark/Element14 for about $19 each.

The S1223 is a high performance photodiode with a fairly broad spectrum sensitivity peeking at 960nm (NIR).

The other thing on that assembly looks like a piece of foam with two connections. I have no idea at this point.  What is it?

Here is a closer photo.


I did contact Electronic Goldmine via their web site. I hope they provide some more details. I will let y’all know when I hear back from them.

I wish the photodiode had longer leads, they were cut very short so I’m stuck using the flex cable. Scroungers cant be choosy I guess.

Comments? What is the foam thing? What was this thing used for? Any cool ideas for using this or the parts?

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