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Win a Arduino from Newark at uCHobby

Contest Done! Winners announced.

We all love receiving free stuff and here at uCHobby we have had the pleasure to run several contest where we have given away cool microcontroller stuff to the hobby community.  This time we are giving away two Arduino boards from Newark Electronics. We will pick two winners who will each receive an Arduino shipped from Newark Electronics.

To enter the contest, dream up a project idea and post it as a comment to this article. We will look though these comments and cull out any spam or “me too” type post.  Next Friday, June 6th, we will pick two winners random from the qualified comments. You only need to have an idea, does not have to be new or unique, just something you want to make. For example, “A Cylon LED thingy for fun.”   You can describe it all you like but we only need the idea, plain and simple. A sentence or two is enough. Look over the Arduino projects here for inspiration.

You must supply your name and a valid email address which will not be shared with anyone outside of uCHobby or Newark Electronics. Only the two winners will be contacted, and only in relation to the contest. We are not collecting email addresses for marketing…  Note: that you will have a spot in the comment form for your email address, don’t put the address in the comment text or it will be seen by spam bots. Your comment will not show up instantly, give us a day to moderate and approve them.

Once the winners are chosen, we will send you and email, copied to Newark Electronics, asking you to supply your shipping address. You need only reply so that Newark can ship the prize to you.

Have fun, be creative, and good luck to everyone.

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  1. admin says

    Winners are Casey Kikendall and April.. Congratulations!

  2. Wilson says

    I am interested in making a Arduino drone project. Have the drone collect fly / hover over a specified area to collect data. Wireless frequencies in the area with GPS coordinates. Then import that into google earth for example.

  3. John says

    I’d like to improve the control system for a supercap driven EM forming machine – automating things like stock material placement and retrieval, drawing unformed material from a hopper, triggering the spark gap, etc. It’d greatly help improve safety and accuracy. Depending on how Arduino pins take to being multiplexed, multibank stamps or bends could be achieved.

  4. Chris Molloy says

    I am making a touch screen controller for an RV. It will controll a two speed exhaust fan base on outside/inside temps. Control the stereo system complete with snooze function, control inverter and a solid state fridge unit. It will measure amp hour consumption for all devices and estimate remaining battery life. Gimme an arduino, how abou a Zero!

  5. Jon says

    I want to build a project where people can send Bitcoins to it and when it receives them it plays music.

  6. JC says

    I want to make an interactive bird cage for my parrot. Buttons will be available to him to interact with his surroundings and also I have an idea for a simple game that will reward him with peanuts.

  7. april says

    I would love to create a project that gives my dog a chance to sniff different smells each hour while she is inside my apt waiting for me to come home. A container would be divided into 4 different sections, each section holding a different item to smell. The container would be hooked up to an Ardunio. A servo would turn the container each hour to let out a different scent. My dog would get a smell treat each hour!

  8. Jon San says

    Problem: I live in a warm climate, and during the summer, my car bakes in the hot sun while I’m at work. It reaches 160+ Farenheit in there (seriously! parts of the dash start to melt if I forget to leave a window open).

    Potential solution: This isn’t very unique, and I have owned some kits like this before. I want to power a fan via an AT Tiny 45 chip that has a temperature sensor. If the temperature rises above a critical point (such as 145 F), it will instruct the fan to power on to the lowest setting. If the temperature continues to rise in the car, the arduino will send more power to the fan. The idea is that this will exhaust some hot air out of the car and keep my dashboard from melting. Of course this all relies on me actually leaving my windows cracked open!

  9. Seth says

    I would like to make my car lock the doors and arm the alarm whenever I get so far away from it, and then disarm the alarm and unlock the doors whenever I get so close to it. As a bonus, I’m going to make my trunk open whenever a button is pressed and I’m within range.

  10. Bruce Hoover says

    I would like to build an Arduino controller for a mist system for my outside dog kennel runs to turn the mist system on and off when the temp rises above a set point and off below a set temp

  11. Todd Cowley says

    Multiplexing 8x8x8 LED Cube always wanted to get one tied into my Alarm Clock

  12. TM says

    An automated kitchen/bathroom faucet that turns on when it detects a hand

  13. David says

    I would love to build a whole-home security system, which utilizes RFID for all doors and RFID/WiFi/Bluetooth for the garage doors. Also, with the system, I would love to install a GSM module in my car, which will open my garage doors when I get home every day. I hope you all see as many possibilities in this idea as I do!

  14. Aaron Junod says

    I want a space header automator that will turn on my space heater on a schedule based on the temperature of my office. As a bonus it will look at my google calendar to make sure I’m in the office that day first.

  15. Isaac says

    A light controller that lets me fade the lights in my car in and out when the doors open and close. Perhaps an addition that keeps all ACC items on until the door is opened, like in newer cars.

  16. Ayham Qawas says

    I would love like to make a spider kind of robot that would travel along the ceiling and then move up and down using fishing wire as the “spider web” and it would do things for me like arm the alarm or turn on the lights etc.

  17. Matt says

    I’d like to build a Temperature/Humidity/Moisture sensor node which will alert me when out of range (and integrate with my Vera)

  18. David says

    I want to make something to open and close curtains automatically, either at specified times or when a button is pressed or command given.

  19. jon ficke says

    An automated audio level tester. That would measure the correct level and continue on to the text test. Test relays, open collectors and opto-isolaters to make sure they are what they say they are. Light up LEDs for each passed test and a final LED saying the whole thing is good. Then saving a report with a serial number, that would be entered by the user, into a .txt file

  20. Murun says

    The Arduino will be made into a underwater ROV. Three of the Arduino PWM pins will be used to control motors. However, a motor controller will be in between the motors and the pins. The motors will be powered by an external source. A LabVIEW VI will be uploaded to the Arduino that will read an Xbox controller’s inputs from the joystick and output the correct pulse for the PWM. A game controller’s input values are related to the PWM linearly so a linear regression can be used to calculate the appropriate PWM. The left joystick will control the left motor, the right will control the right motor, and the back triggers will controller the descend. A Raspberri PI with a camera can be attached for live feed of the ROV. This functioning ROV can be achieved for less than $100.

  21. John says

    The Problem:
    I have an older freezer that sometimes doesn’t shut all the way if you don’t push on the door to close it. It will hang up and stay open about an inch. I lost a fair amount of food a few months ago due to this issue.

    The Solution:
    I want to put together a system that will alert me when the freezer has been open for more than a minute. The basics will be a simple LED and buzzer alert system later adding in a automated email for when there is a problem. The arduino platform is perfect for this application!

  22. Jonathan Broderick says

    I want to make a automatic television muter for when loud commercials come on in between show.

  23. Will says

    An airsoft turret, controlled using servos and an arduino.

  24. Daniel says

    I would like to build an rc car modeled after my current civic. With functioning head and tail lights controlled hopefully by an Xbox controller. I’d like to add more functioning parts if I could.

  25. Tayler says

    A Reprap 3D printer! I’d love to be able to create one-off prototyping components! The whole concept also interests me, the idea of a self-replication printer

  26. Jeremiah Johnson says

    Solar charge controller. Drive an LED sign. GPS Logger. Cylon LED thing, for SERIOUS PURPOSES!, Blood Alcohol Content sensor & display.

    A million things.

  27. KB says

    An automatic cat feeder for when I’m on vacation.

  28. Casey Kikendall says

    I would make a custom ESC motor controller. This would give me a chance to play with the PWM frequencies and see what kind of trouble I can get into with that.

  29. Farzad says

    An animated broach that displays your mood (eg. smiley face, sad face, etc.), using an 8×8 led matrix panel.

  30. Sean says

    A PID controller that controls the airflow to my smoker so I don’t have to constantly fiddle with it to keep even heat! I’ve been trying to build it on a barebones PIC but I keep fighting with stupid stuff.