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And the Arduino Giveaway Winner’s are…

Casey Kikendall and April!  Congratulations!  You should have an email from me tonight.

Casey plans to make a custom ESC motor controller to play with PWM.

“I would make a custom ESC motor controller. This would give me a chance to play with the PWM frequencies and see what kind of trouble I can get into with that.”

April wants to giver her dog something to smell.

“I would love to create a project that gives my dog a chance to sniff different smells each hour while she is inside my apt waiting for me to come home. A container would be divided into 4 different sections, each section holding a different item to smell. The container would be hooked up to an Ardunio. A servo would turn the container each hour to let out a different scent. My dog would get a smell treat each hour!”

Both of these projects sound fun. Here is some, maybe, helpful advice for each project.

I have been using the TimerOne library for high frequency PWM. Running the PWM frequency up near 100KHz to make an analog DAC. Here is a previous article about using Arduino PWM for an audio DAC.

Dog Sniffer
My first thought here is that turning over a container with a servo might be challenging. Also, if you want to hide the smell so it’s a surprise…  Maybe you can use the servo to uncover a seal on the compartment.  Maybe a disk turns opening a path for the smell, the disk covers all 4 sections, but moves to open one at a time via the Arduino

Stay in touch
Good luck on your projects Casey and April…  Use my email address, from the message I send you, to let us know how your projects are going. Maybe we can do an article for you here.

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  1. april says

    Thanks for picking my entry! I’m excited to start on my dog sniffing project!

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