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Inexpensive Stepper Kit

Initial review of a inexpensive, too good to be true, stepper motor with driver kit from BangGood.

While browsing around at Amazon I came across some amazing deals on items related to the Arduino. This kit, included a small stepper motor and a driver board made with the ULN2003 for $3.44! Yes, less then $4. I ordered it, and a few other things.


It took nearly a month to get here, from China I assume.  I picked it up this morning and just now hooked it up.

IMG_0397 Here you can see a Digi-Stamp (like an Arduino) on my breadboard with the stepper driver board and the motor. Finding the details on this motor and board was a bit difficult. The best source for information was an instructables, with all the details and even an Arduino program to test with.

I modified the Arduino code from this instructables to work with the Digi-spark I/O pins I used.

Useful Links:

It works, it’s inexpensive, and it’s easy. I am surprised at what you can get for $4.

For my first test, I powered it from the Digi-Spark 5V and watched it move back and forth. The test program turns it CW one turn then back. This takes 512 steps because the motor is geared, which makes it slow and strong. I tried and could stop it with my fingers grabbing the shaft tightly. I’d say its stronger then the typical servo at 5V. The motor was slightly warm at 5V and the controller was cold with less then 200mA current draw.

Next I powered it from an external 12V supply, things got warmer, the motor and the chip got quite warm but I think it would be OK to operate at 12V. I could not stop the motor with bare fingers at 12V. I grabbed it with some pliers and could stop it. It is very strong at 12V.

All in all a very good deal, you have to wait a while but I think you can do some neat things with this.

Project Ideas?
I would like to make something like the TRS DrawBot or maybe just a clock.  What do you suggest?

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  1. Carlos Santiago says

    I think using several of these Digi-Sparks on a 6 legged robot would be cool. Each Digi-Spark could control the one or more leg servos and there could be a simple serial net work between them for communications. An additional Digi-Spark could be used for sensor functions.

    The stepper motor and driver could be used in a mini laser etching/cutting machine.