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Doing stuff with the Raspberry Pi

998-02 At the NAG Hackers meeting last night we (the group) decided to work with the Raspberry Pi. The general idea is that we all get an R-Pi (Raspberry Pi) setup and start working together on a project. The actual project is TBD but we know an R-Pi is involved.

I volunteered to provide some initial pointers to help everyone get started…

First step is buying a kit. I recommended the Adafruit Starter Kit $105.

Get a 32GB class 10 SD card, the kit comes with a 4 or 8GB which is bare minimum.

Install the Raspbian Linux image per the instructions here. Some might suggest that we do the NOOB install but I have done a fair amount with Raspbian and Adafruit seems to focus tutorials on this distro for the R-Pi.  They have made their own distro called Ocidentals and that would be fine too. 

On first boot, be sure to enable SSH, and expand the partition to fill your card. Just select these options at the setup menu.

For Windows users, get Putty for your SSH access. Mac and Linux users already have an SSH client.

After your Pi is up and working in a basic way, I recommend that you copy your SD card back to an image on your PC. Just for safe keeping. The same utility used to make the SD Card should be able to copy it too.

The Adafruit kit I comes with a breadboard adapter cable but I like this version better: Breadboard Adapter,  It cost an extra $7.

For  WIFI, this adapter is known to work: wifi adapter

Google has made their own Pi development image! It looks interesting. Google Coder for the R-Pi. I think the group should continue with Raspbian as they want to learn more about networking and basic code development. The Google thing looks to be more about web development.

As a first project, I recommend each group member follow the Raspberry Pi WiFi Radio tutorial. Don’t have to add the LCD panel as that would increase the cost by $25. But this tutorial should serve as a good getting started point.

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