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Scrounging out a Printer

IMG_0501As part of the spring cleaning mentioned in the previous post, I had an old all-in-one printer/scanner that I saved from the trash a while back. I kept it around, planning to scrounge out any useful parts before I let it go to it’s grave. Maybe some of the parts would be useful in another project.

Driving home on trash day, I saw this printer sitting on top of a garbage can, I snatched it up. This is it’s final story…

IMG_0504 Stage 1. After removing ever screw I could see, I pulled the unit in half. The center of the picture shows the printer parts, the scanner is facing down. First impression is Wow, there is almost nothing in there. Looks like modern printers use no stepper motors, just a few DC motors with encoders.


IMG_0506 The main board has a power supply, the big inductors (coils in the lower center) are typical for a switching power supply. I saved this PCB to scrounge out those inductors. Just tossed it into a box of other boards I have marked for scrounging.

IMG_0515 In the end, here are the bits I saved. Three DC motors, an optical interrupt detector, a small board with a button and LED and some wire.

The scanner glass is nice for the work bench, it’s strong glass and makes a perfect surface for cutting paper with an Exacto knife. I kept large white plastic piece to use in the Laser Cutter at our Tech Shop.  I still have to confirm that that plastic is OK to cut with a laser…

All in all, there is not much in a printer theses days. Not for the hobbyist anyway.

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