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Raspberry Pi in the Lab

IMG_0528 Here is my model B, days before it’s going to be replaced with the B+.

It’s in the Adafruit case with an Adafruit T-Cobbler Breakout to my solder-less breadboard.

I’m using an Apple keyboard as it has a built in 2 port USB hub where I connect the dongle for a wireless mouse. Connected to the Pi’s other USB is a WiFi dongle where I can watch it’s activity LED flash.

On the breadboard there are two LEDs. One (red) shows that power is on. The other will be connected to a GPIO. This will be used like the default LED on an Arduino for things like the Blink demo.

Lastly there is an XMEGA Xprotolab micro O-Scope on the board, currently in voltmeter mode checking the 5V and 3.3V supplies.  I noticed my 5V was only 4.83 so I switched around the USB power warts till I found one that got the voltage up to 4.95.

The Xprotolab will come in handy as I play around with the I2C and SPI GPIO. It includes some logic analysis, including decoding I2C and SPI.  Looking forward to playing with that.

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