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My My Raspberry Pi, 2 that is..

20150218_231404 I got  my Pi 2 a few days ago and have finally done a bit of playing with it.

First thing I did was get Google Coder on an SD card. Second, I tried “Snappy”. Third, I’m waiting for the latest Raspbian image to burn as I type. I look forward to trying the Windows 10 soon.


Google Coder – Is Awesome
If you know about JSFiddle then you feel right at home with Google Coder.

It’s a web development tool right out of the box. Boot it as an appliance, headless.  Log in using “coder.local” and you have a web IDE. Complete with web server, editor, and if you use Chrome you will have a debugger.

I am anxious to try some hardware hacking with Coder. Maybe get PWM going to drive one of my servo Gauges.

Ubuntu Snappy – not what your looking for
I don’t mean to say that “snappy” is not any good, just that it’s not a canned ready to go image for your typical Raspberry Pi user.  I’m not sure what “snappy” is meant for. I saw “Ubuntu” for Raspberry Pi and jumped without looking…

Raspbian – Expected Bliss
As I watch the SD card image writing progress bar pass about 30% I’m hopeful for a nice X windows and the comfortable SSH shell. I am not ready to give up “apt-get” just yet..  The Pi-2 could be a lot faster then the original one. I was not happy with the performance of the GUI in X on the PI so I lived at the shell.  I do feel comfortable in the shell but it would be nice to see a snappy (LOL) UI.

What are you going to do with your old Pi?
I have a few old Pi’s all are the B+ models. I know I’ll make one a permanent Google Coder machine on my home network. Maybe try some hardware hacking with Coder.

I’m thinking another one will be converted into a Pandora radio. I did the Adafruit Pi Radio thing about a year ago and thought it would be nice to have a small PCB with just a few buttons. Skip, thumbs up and down, nothing else. Modify the setup to use NodeJS for a web interface and put it all together in a neat laser cut enclosure. Simple plug into your network, set it up for your Pandora, and it plays.

I wonder if I could sell the “Pandora” board and enclosure to others via Tindie.  Would be a cool way to put your old Pi to use.

Feedback Please
Is anybody out there? Marko?

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  1. Matthew says


    I just picked up 2 of the model 2’s myself this week.

    One of my R-Pi2’s is destined to become an HTPC. The other is going to be the brains (hopefully) for a robot that will compete in the Sparkfun AVC. My old B+ is being converted into an octoprinter host for my Solidoodle. After that I’ll probably buy another 2 to have handy for the next project(s) that come along.