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Bad Desk Lamp + 3D Printing = Cool Camera Mount + Useful hand Magnifier

Useful 3D Prints

Useful 3D Prints

I recently purchased a hot-air gun + soldering iron station from X-Tronic which came with a desk lamp magnifier.  The desk lamp was not functional so I took it apart to fix.  It was made so poorly, I considered it too dangerous to use.  It went on the scrap pile.

Today, I decided to make use of it.  The base with its flexible stalk became a nice mount for my new webcam. The desktop magnifier part became a nice large handheld magnifier.

I designed the parts using Fusion 360 and a digital caliper.  Printed on my Creality CR10 using Maker Geeks Raptor Steal Blue Filament.  Note the blue magnifier handle and the blue bit on the lampstand where the camera is attached.

This will be my latest answer to the common question…  “What USEFUL things can you do with a 3D printer?”

I’ve been doing a lot of fun 3D prints and find it especially satisfying to design my own parts. I’ve done filament shelves, electronic enclosures, panels etc.  You can see the meters mounted on my desk riser in the picture behind the lamp thing.

I got the 3D printing bug about a year ago and have purchased several printers including a TAZ5 which is currently awaiting some TLC.

My son Daniel started using my TAZ so much I bought him a CR10.  After playing with the CR10, “Helping him get it going”  I was impressed and bought another to use on my lab bench.

I have tweeted about some of my 3D projects so check me out @uCHobby

Links of potential interest. (some are Amazon Affiliate links)

The soldering station I purchased bundled with the lamp.  You can see the lamp on the Amazon product page.  Trust me, while the station is great, the lamp is horrible, I do not recommend that you even try plugging it in.  You have been warned…
X-TRONIC MODEL #4010-XTS – 4000 SERIES – Digital Soldering Iron Station

I usually like to print with PETG but I’m quite fond of the Makergeeks Raptor PLA. This stuff prints great, almost as easy as PLA but is far stronger, heat resistant and is as workable as ABS.  PLA is usually a bit brittle for my taste.
Makergeeks Raptor PLA

If you are a hobbyist maker, you should look at this CR10 printer, about $350 for a pretty good machine is hard to beat.
Gearbest CR10 3D Printer

I recommend Fusion 360 for doing your own design work.  While you can go to Thingiverse to find thousands of things to print, designing your own gizmo is awesome and easy to do.  Look at youtube for a ton of tutorials on Fusion 360.
Autodesk Fusion 360 3D CAD Tool

One of my favorite Youtube channels related to 3D Printing is Makers Muse.  Angus is an awesome teacher. His channel is all about how to do 3D printing, including designing your own parts using Fusion360.  Tell him I sent you.
Makers Muse

I single Angus of Makers Muse out as my favorite source for 3D printing knowledge but there are many other awesome channels as well.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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