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uCHobby Site: Making things with Micro-controllers
Hacking gadgets with scrounged parts to make interesting things. Mostly embedded projects using some micro-controller hence the name uCHobby as uC is an reverberation for Micro-Controller.

Many of the projects here work with the Arduino platform but we are not limited to the Arduino. Some projects use Microchip PIC processors or just simple parts such as switches, relays, and transistors.

David Fowler : Engineer, Technology Innovation Nerd
A generalist covering many areas of engineering and technology. I am proficient in software development for desktop, embedded and web platforms. I am also good at hardware design with embedded systems including micro-controller and digital design. I tend to cover both sides of embedded system design, hardware and software.

Recently my focus has been mobile device software and sensor integration for agricultural use.

I work for Raven Industries as Chief Engineer of Advanced Product Development by day. Outside of work I hobby around my home lab and at the Austin/Round Rock Tech Shop. This site is devoted to my hobby and  not directly related to Raven Industries. I also have a web site at which I use for my projects that overlap Raven and my hobby.  Mostly mobile application development related to Agriculture right now.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, I am always interested in opportunities to collaborate on an interesting project or advance my knowledge.

 Connecting with me:  

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