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Microcontroller Groups at Yahoo

There is a strong microcontroller community using Yahoo Groups. The groups listed below are very active with ARM7 Microcontroller users asking questions and getting help. There are several Guru microcontroller people that frequently help new comers.

Group Description
lpc2000 Dedicated to the Phillips LPC2000 family of Microcontrollers
gnuarm Support group for the GNU ARM Tool Chain
AT91SAM Dedicated to the Atmel AT91 Microcontroller
MakingThings Discussion related to MakingThings products including the Make Controller Kit


Microcontroller Web Forums

Forum Description
Make Magizinge Look for post about the Make Controller Kit, an ARM7 based board.
Atmel AT91 Atmel web forum for the AT91 ARM7 family
Spark Fun Spark Fun Electronics sells a lot of differnt microcontroller hardware. The support forum is full of usefull content.


Microcontroller Related News Groups (Usenet)

If you have a NNTP or News Group reader such as Outlook Express you can subscribe to these groups. If your not familiar with Usenet try reading the Wikipedia entry by clicking here.

Group Description
comp.arch.embedded The main news group related to embedded development Mostly about hardware with some microcontroller content
sci.electronics.basics Mostly about hardware with some microcontroller content
sci.electronics.misc Mostly about hardware with some microcontroller content